zweiter Sitz für navigator

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beeindruckende Eigenschaften:

  • völlig neuer zweiter Sitz, der auf Blickrichtung Eltern eingestellt werden kann (diese Konfiguration ist nur für den navigator/sport mit automatischer Bremse verfügbar)
  • formbares Sitzpolster für verbesserte Kopf- und Nackenunterstützung
  • mit einer Hand verstellbare Rückenlehne für das schläfrige Baby! (weitere beeindruckende Eigenschaften findest du weiter unten)
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199,00 Der Bestand geht aus. Bestelle jetzt

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Tech specs

maximale Last:

  • vordere Position: 20 kg
  • hintere Position: 15 kg
  • double storm cover - navigator


    passt auch auf andere Buggymodelle
  • Shade Stick Umbrella Open 1200x1200

    shade stick-Buggyschirm

    universeller Sonnenschirm
  • cocoon baby carrycot - black


    weiche Softtragetasche
  • black hangbag caddy

    hangbag™ für den Buggygriff

    für zusätzlichen Stauraum
  • Pannier-Bags 3QTR


Love this item


Love this pram and love the 2nd seat - so easy to put on and off.

Love it


I purchased a double kit a month ago and love it for my almost 3 year old now that I have a newborn. Toddler fits in it nicely on top whilst baby sleeps away underneath. Only negative is more for the dispatch team. I ordered a shade cover as well not knowing that one comes with the seat so now I have 2, 1 I must return. I would have thought the person seeing the order would have picked this up or possibly queried it, who would need 2!!!

Could be better in places


Love the seat and how it falls back. Could be better when on front of pushchair like it is on the bottom.

Doubt kit a very poor design.


I spent a long time researching the various double buggie options but I'm really disappointed with the functionality of the double kit. The seat at the back is positioned in such close proximity to the front seat that it's unusable in the upright position. My 13month old daughter is therefore stuck in the reclined position so she can see out but she really dislikes it. The back seat is also not suitable for an older child (3yo) which I've noticed the older models allow. This is really handy when your older child gets tired of scooting for example and the younger child is in the front. The new braking system is neither here nor there. I find it unrealistic to walk along clutching the break in the whole time anyway. Overall, I'm afraid it's very disappointing.

Quick delivery


I bought the second seat attachment for my navigator. The seat is as expected and attaches easily. A mesh attachment that attaches to the seat in front was also provided that will benefit to protect baby from uv exposure but also provide a darker space for him to sleep.
Dispatch of my order happened within 2hrs of ordering-awesome! Meant I got my seat straight away. Very happy.
No problems at all with my pram, very happy with it too

navigator double kit


This is a perfect product for family with toddler and a baby especially with second seat! Good for family outings without hassle. They will stay in place and be as comfortable as they should be.

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