promenade double kit

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Verwandlung für 2 Kinder!

Mit diesem double kit ist der promenade™-Buggy auch für 2 Kinder geeignet!

Derzeit nicht in dieser Region verfügbar.


Das double kit des promenade ist COOL! weil:

  • inline-Funktionalität für deinen promenade-Buggy
  • inklusive Sonnenschutz
  • 3-fach verstellbarer Sitz – verwandelt sich in ein flaches Bett!
  • sicherheitsgeprüft bei gleichzeitiger Verwendung im Autokindersitz (mit promenade-Kindersitzadaptern )
  • sicherheitsgeprüft bis zu einem Maximalgewicht von 18 kg in Sitzposition bzw. 9 kg in Liegeposition
  • Allwetterschutz mit promenade-Wetterschutz und promenade-Sonnenschutz (getrennt erhältlich)
  • nur mit promenade-Buggys kompatibel

Okay, looks good


Bought for mr 2 when little Bub came along.
When both kits are used in pram there is no where to store anything on this double pram ( no room in parcel shelf with second kit and not allowed to drape bags over handles)
Looks good. Does the job okay but I feel my mr 2 didn't take long to seem cramped in in. He is average height and build.
Easy to install and remove. Doesn't take a lot more room in car boot which is a bonus.
Sunshade is hopeless. It's teeny tiny which I thi is disappointing. It's approx half the depth of the sunshade that comes with the pram. I wasn't expecting this undersell.
Also, if you want a handle bar you will need to buy it as an extra part, does not come with double kit.

Expensive for what you get.

Not what I was hoping for


I brought this pram as I was hoping to have 2 kids close in age and thought this would be perfect but my first child that isn't even 2 hasn't been able to fit in the pram comfortably since he was 18 months, I cant begin to tell you how disappointed
I am, oh and the shade attachment, every time I tried to pull the shade canopy over my son the 2 sides that attach it to the pram pop straight off.

Excellent... We love it!!


We bought the promenade with the intent that we would have baby no. 2 in the near future. So 2 years later the stroller is still sturdy and going strong. The second kit just arrived and we love the convenience of it. Would get 5 stars if it collapsed with the two seats. Otherwise my toddler loves riding in it and looks totally comfy. Great product.

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