smart lux-Babykörbchen

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Ein luxuriöses, tiefes Babykörbchen für den smart lux-Buggy.

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Terrible Design - Zero Star Rating


I have the smart lux stroller which is fantastic, my newborn will only sleep nights in the smart lux bassinet setting on the original seat and I thought ordering this "real" bassinet would put my mind at ease that she is in a "true" bassinet and not a convertible bassinet. The material along the sides of the smart lux bassinet is so loose fitting that I was afraid to use it! My husband spent two hours taking apart the original seat, setting up the bassinet, and then noticing it was a huge downgrade from the original seat we were already using - this coupled with a 10 day old baby and no sleep was not a fun Friday night project! Now it is going to cost me minimum $40 to send this back to phil and teds, so my recommendation is Do Not Order this product, stick with the original seat or look at their other stroller/bassinet combos! Im disappointed the quality of this product is so poor considering how much I love the smart lux stroller.

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