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2 Ersatzreifen für die Räder deines Buggys von phil&teds.

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Reifen können zu Hause ausgetauscht werden, indem zunächst die Luft aus dem Schlauch gelassen und dann der Reifen abmontiert wird, bevor der neue Reifen aufgezogen und der Schlauch wieder aufgepumpt wird. Der Schlauch sollte bis höchstens 1,4-1,5 bar mit einer manuell betriebenen Handpumpe aufgepumpt werden. Hat dein Schlauch ein Loch, so muss dieser separat bestellt werden. Dieser Reifen ist mit folgenden Buggymodellen kompatibel:

  • e3 v1 + v2
  • e3 twin
  • classic & legacy classic rot
  • classic twin
  • sport
  • dash
  • explorer
  • hammerhead (Hinterräder)
  • navigator
  • inner tube set for stroller wheels

    12-Zoll-Schläuche im Set

    enthält 2 Schläuche
  • spaxleset 1200x1200

    Hinterradachsen im Set

    enthält 2 Achsen
  • navigator double kit blue - sky

    zweiter Sitz für navigator

    verwandle den neuesten Kinderwag...
  • snug carrycot - webshop (off stroller)

    dot & sport & navigator snug-Softtragetasche

    kann auch abseits des Buggys ver...
  • Limited availability Phil and Teds Navigator sunhood in cherry red

    aktuelles navigator-Sonnendach

Had to make it aligned before airing tire but good


Went on a walk with the tire slightly out of line and it still kept pulling me sideways some and was not smooth but looked on your website and discovered it was cause I had to make the tire aligned better before airing it up! Took care of it and the next walk went much smoother! I think my wheel hub might be a bit oval shaped or something though cause it still would not line up perfectly.

Great product as excepted.


Great product. Definitely buy again for my pram. I hope the tyres last us along time.

Misleading product


I bought the tires for my stroller thinking It would be safe,simple, legit and assuming a problem free purchase. Oh I was wrong. The website claims it fits my stroller , which it doesn't !!!!what a hassle!

Great quality tires


I recently bought these tires - easy to install. Great quality!!!!!

Something has changed :(


We've had our Phil & Ted explorer for just over 6 years. It has done a ridiculous amount of km's during this time (we're big on walking) and we have been through countless inner tubes and a few outer tyres. Last year it was again time for a new set so we purchased both new tubes and outer tyres. But in no time at all both tyres popped off the rim (as though the inner tubes had over inflated, even though we are very careful when inflating and have been doing the same thing for the previous 5 years). No matter how low the air pressure was they continued to slip off the rim. So we cut our losses and bought a new set of outer tyres. Super careful when inflating this time round and AGAIN half way through our walk the tyre popped off the rim (we even restricted it to one child in the pram). It's like the outer tyres are now made a few millimetre's bigger than they used to be and no longer fit snuggly on the older prams. We love our Phil & Ted's but in the last 12 months we've struggled to use it as it's like driving a clown car with wobbly wheels.

Double kit mesh


I bought this a few weeks ago for my kids double kit P&T stroller (e1v2) as the existing net does not provide much coverage at the back. We have recently moved to India so keeping mosquitoes away from my children is a biggie, as well as pollution and dust. The new mesh has provided ample coverage for our little one year old who sits in the double kit and was super easy to install. I'm very happy with the purchase and love P&T.

Lovely wheels!


I purchased 2 new tyres last month, so far they have lived up to expectations and touch wood we are currently puncture free! Delivery was quick. Great service. Thank you.

Too loose on rim


I purchased these tyres. Technically they are the same size as old ones but these are loose on the rim so can't be fully inflated or the tube bubbles out



Absolutely delighted with my new tyres, my last ones lasted 7 years which was pretty good going I thought however they were tired and very worn so kept coming off the wheel. My new ones have given me the confidence to step out of the house once more and get some serious walking in. Highly recommend



Received my order contains 2 inner tubes only to find one of them already had a puncture. I decided to take the inner tube and wheel to Halfords so it could be done properly as I need a new tyre desperately as I'm a busy childminder and within 24hours of the wheel having the new inner tube I now have a slow puncture so not a happy minder considering I brought the new tyre also. Unfortunately as I have a Jul and teds buggy I will continue to buy from them but not too impressed this time.

Exactly as described


I bought the 2 tires and 2 tubes and one of the valves on one of the tubes did not allow air to enter. I reported to the customer service and they promptly replaced it.

Fast shipping


Pleased with my new stroller tires, shipping was prompt.

Explorer Replacement Tires


Super fast shipping! We had a last minute need to replace tires before a Disney trip and ordered, received, and had them put on with plenty of time to spare.

all good


Really appreciated the quick delivery. Product works well and was easy to install.

Do not overpump as tyre/tubes become out of shape


I purchased a brand new set of tyres and tubes for my PHIL and Teds e3 v2 pram recently. I pumped them at the petrol station and the tyres/ tubes became out of shape. Perhaps from over pumping.
Be careful not to do this with your tyres! I then tried pumping with a bike pump but it takes so long and I feel like the tyres aren't pumped enough. I don't want to buy a new set to replace the ones I have so I might have to just deal with the slightly deflated tyres for now.



I bought this a couple of months ago and the inner tub is way to big for the tire, not impressed



I bought the Navigator V2, 3 in 1, so dissapointed with the tyres, supposed to be great on rough terrain, living in Lake District is reason I went for this pram, fed up of buying new tyres and inner tubes, like having a baby isn't expensive enough, definately wouldn't buy for my 2nd child, or recommend!!

Genuine tyre that fits perfectly


I've tried other types of tyre to fit our Phil and Teds (we've had two sports double buggies) over the years, but found that other tyres pop off the rim with any type of pressure in them, because they are actually too large for these particular wheels. So I thought I'd try the more expensive genuine tyres and found that they fitted the phil and teds wheels much better. I'd recommend these over cheaper other brands, from bitter experience. Worth the extra money.

flat tire


If you have a flat tire, this is not what you need. It's only the outer shell of the tire, not the inner tub that holds the air. I missed that when I bought it so my husband just went and bought a tire repair kit and fixed it himself.

Expensive Rubber


I am very happy with my P&T Sport it has lasted 2 kids. The fact I just paid 35 bucks for two rubber tires does seem excessive.

Great service


Parts where delivered as requested and they arrived on time



We have always liked the service and products that Phil & Ted have, and so we were not disappointed when we order new tyres for our pram. Easy and efficient.

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