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Ersatztablett aus Plastik für deinen tragbaren lobster-Hochstuhl

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  • phil&teds lobster carry bag


  • phil&teds lobster portable high chair - super easy replacement fabric

    lobster replacement fabric

Good price


Great price point but unfortunately the plastic bits that hold the tray in place break easily hence it having to be replaced if you don't want your baby throwing the tray on the floor. Otherwise absolutely love the highchair and use it constantly.

Plastic broke


Not happy that plastic tray broke so easily. Limits is use

Excellent customer service!


I just bought a replacement tray for our Lobster Claw high chair. Forgot the original at a restaurant, dang. Anyway, the customer service I received to replace the tray was positively amazing. I couldn't find the part that I needed on the .ca store so customer service found it for me on the .com store and helped me purchase it.
Long story short, customer service found what I needed, helped me order and gave me a voucher for free shipping(as US to Canada shipping can be expensive) and even got it here in a few short days.
Great company!

Ok tray


I wish the tray attached to the chair. My child moves the tray out of the way.

Tray for infant seat...


The replacement tray for our infant bar seat arrived promptly and exactly to specs. Couldn't have been better!

Does not fit well


Was generally pleased w. the original, but the replacement I purchased a month or so ago did not fit well. Poor design all around for the tray, really

Great product overall!


We use the lobster chair as our main high chair - it's awesome! We had to buy a replacement tray bc the one we had chipped on the side and would no longer stay in place at all. 4 stars overall because the tray, even though it feels tight and snugly installed when the chair is attached, my daughter (10 months) almost always is able to get it loose when I am not looking and throw it around - and the food that's on it - which is probably how the original one got chipped. The tray is a great feature bc you can take it and wash it etc., but if she can get it un-attached, it becomes useless =(. Maybe as she gets older, she'll be less interested in playing with it. Fingers crossed!

Awesome product


I purchased a secondhand lobster without the tray so I decided to buy the tray from this website. It's sturdy, great quality and so easy to use and clean. Also an affordable price.

Not available


Love the highchair. Unfortunately our tray discoloured in the wash and they don't sell the tray as a seperate part :(

Not available


Love the highchair. Unfortunately our tray discoloured in the wash and they don't sell the tray as a seperate part :(



It's really frustrating that I can't replace this tray in the United States. We recently lost it on vacation and can't find a replacement. Love the high chair but its much harder without the tray. It's been great but we might have to find another option now.

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