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Ersatz-Sonnendach für den navigator-Buggy.

Mit diesem Zubehör lassen sich auch die bestehenden Sonnendächer der (älteren) legacy-Buggymodelle aufrüsten, einschließlich e3v2, classic, sport, dash, explorer oder hammerhead*.

*Hinweis: Um auf dieses neue Sonnendach zu passen, müssen Sonnen- und Wetterschutz auf navigator-Wetterschutz aufgerüstet werden.

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Das navigator-Sonnendach ist COOL! weil:

  • verleih deinem Buggy etwas Farbe!
  • kirschrot, mitternachtsblau, schwarz und graphit – passen perfekt zum 2013 navigator-Buggy
  • passen perfekt auf die navigator-Buggys von vor 2013
  • Farben passen super zu vielen der legacy-Buggymodelle
  • lässt sich einfach am Rahmen folgender Buggymodelle anbringen*:
    • e3v2
    • sport v1 oder v2
    • sport 2015+
    • dash
    • hammerhead
    • explorer
    • classic & legacy classic rot
  • hochwertiges Material – mattes & weiches Design ist stilvoll und fühlt sich toll an
  • Verstellbarkeit je nach Sonnenstand
  • ausfahrbares Sonnenvisier aus Netzmaterial für ultimativen Sonnenschutz
  • Seitentaschen zum schnellen Verstauen
  • perfekt für den Einsatz mit dem face-to-face-Sitz entgegen der Fahrtrichtung

*Hinweis: Um auf dieses neue Sonnendach zu passen, müssen Sonnen- und Wetterschutz auf navigator-Wetterschutz aufgerüstet werden.

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  • Shade Stick Umbrella Open 1200x1200

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  • navigator back flap v2


Excellent service quick delivery


Delighted with products have brand new looking buggy and I have it over 10 years

Very happy with new shade cover


I've had a Phil & teds double stroller for 10 years and love it. When my boys grew older I never parted with it because of the versatility and small size for a double (or triple if one kid sits on the front foot part!) stroller. When we recently got twin two year olds this has been a life saver once again. Unfortunately the original shade cover was less than ideal in coverage and mine finally broke. When I wanted to replace it, I was afraid my older model would be incompatible and I'd be out of luck. Thanks to the helpful customer service and product availability I had a new shade cover for our girls in less than a week. It snapped right onto my older model. Thanks so much for your help, service, and product!

Great upgrade!


Got my new cherry red sun hood for my existing navigator and it looks now like new.
No need for new pram just check out how you can upgrade your existing pram and give it a new look.

wrong purchase after reading customers comments


Hi there, after reading g comments on the Phil and teds website from people I went ahead and purchased the hood having the impression it would fit my e3 to replace my sad looking hood! Can the sport 2015 hood fit an e3 model like customers have said in the comments section on website or No?

New hood


I bought this hood to replace the existing hood on my sport v2, which was looking a bit tatty, wish I'd bought it sooner! I love that it goes all the way forwards if the sun is directly in bubbas face. Same old negative is the gap you get at the back which isn't a problem when in bubba is awake and I use a blanket to fill the gap if she's sleeping to make it all dark in there. Other than that it's a brilliant hood and saves the faff of one of those parasols that never really work!

It fixed our issue


We bought this over a month ago because the sunhood on our second hand stroller we had kept on falling on my daughter. This one is very solid. It does not move at all and has never even moved a bit. I feel confident everytime I change the position. Great purchase and the person who helped me finding a piece that would fit on my 2010 stroller did great!

Received in good condition


Excellent way to adapt the hood to a older pram. Would recommend to any existing user to replace the old hood

Great shade


I bought this product for our lower double seat and it is great at providing extra shade for our baby. Only downside is it can be a bit stiff to adjust at times.

Buggy coffe cup holder


I bought this a month ago and it was sent to my by mail. It had arrived safely and promptly. I was disappointed to find it was a cheap piece of plastic that could not actually do its job (hold the cup) with out it spiling out. The hook and the cup holder which were sent together didn't seem compatible and therefore the cup holder remained wobbly and could not secure itself into a fixed position. It definitely was not worth the extortionate 10£ I paid for it. Within a few days the cup holder fell off the hook and disappeared when I was out and about because it could not stay in its place while the buggy was on the move.



Bought to fit a non Phil teds buggy. Fits well and solid construction so far. Just still think it's a bit expensive.

Perfect hood


I brought this hood in black ( previously had red ) I have to say it has absolutely changed my pram, I've had so many people comment on the look of it and some have even thought I purchased a new pram. 110% happy mum right here

Great sun cover


Provides great sun protection and I love that I can move it to follow the sun. The red also looks great and makes the pram look new again. Love it!

Revived the look of our pram!


After three kids we wanted a new hood to freshen up the look of our pram. It looks great, works great and the pram is still going as good as new!

Sturdy. Looks great. Love the pockets.


We bought this sun hood as a replacement for our E3 v2. It clipped on perfectly and is so much sturdier than our precious sunhood. I like the extra netting at the front that can be pulled down and the fact that you adjust the sunhood to follow the sun so your child is always covered.
The side pockets on the sunhood are such a great bonus for when you for for walks with the kids and want to carry a water bottle, wallet and keys. They are so deep.
I highly recommend this product!!

Easy to install


This was not the original hood for mine. Mine was not being made anymore. It was an easy fit though

Great product


This replaced an old sunhood on an older model buggy. I love the follow the sun feature. Easy to attach. High quality and had given my old buggy a new lease of life.

Good replacement


I ordered this sun hood as to replace the damaged one on my E3 stroller. While it's not the same style as my old one, it works just a well and I love that I can easily remove it, if necessary.

Bought this for my 2015 Navigator second seat!


I bought this to use on the second seat of my 2015 Navigator and it works perfectly and gives much better sun coverage than the smaller sunhood that is designed for the second seat. I highly recommend this add on to your Navigator!!

New sunhood


Bought this for my old e3, works great, improved over the original sunhood which was worn & ragged. Wasn't sure it would fit, but it did.

Replacement hood


I bought this hood to replace the original hood on my E3. This hood covers my 9month old from the sun so much better than the original. It was easy to fit

Excellent service


We lost the hood at the airport on an old version of the explorer model. The customer services team were really helpful and advised what version we could buy to fit the pushchair. It was delivered really quickly and efficiently. Thanks so much!

Brilliant hood


I'm using this hood on my second lower seat on the navigator. Offers full sun protection and light showers :) glad I got a full size hood rather than the smaller ones

Works perfectly!


I bought a used stroller for $3! Needed new sunhoods now looks brand new! So excited! I also ordered another part that was wrong (was my error) and they sent me the correct one - no charge!

Great upgrade for older models


I finally sprung for this for my 2010 Dash, and I am so glad I did. It covers much better than the old one, and freshens up my old stroller! It doesn't fit the original rain cover but I have the double cover which goes over the whole thing anyway. It doesn't fit the old mesh sun cover either but it doesn't matter because it covers so much anyway I don't think I will need it again!

amazing addition to an older stroller


we have a quite old version of phil and ted's navigator and the sun hood was terrible. This clipped on so easily and is an amazing follow the sun hood! ready for summer!

Uppgraded sunhood for my phil & teds sport


Bought this sunhood to replace the original sunhood on the sport stroller and it snaps right on, has excellend shade and the pockets are so convenient to toss my cell phone, keys or wallet in.

Fab product


Bought this to fit a specialist buggy for disabled child n it fits the bill completely. Love the colour and side pockets.

Great sun coverage and sturdy construction


I love the sunhood and it works perfectly on my older model Sport. It does provide excellent sun coverage and is well made. I was surprised to find the fabric pockets on the side to be really useful. If I could change one detail, it would be to add a peek-through window so I could see my daughter through the back of the hood while we're strolling. Since the hood has follow-the-sun construction, it's easy enough to leave a small gap to see her, but sometimes this lets sunlight through onto her wee head.

Great product


I ordered thus product online and it only took a few days. I am very happy with it.



We bought a canopy for our stroller. Works great! We love it!

flimsy but provides sun coverage to jump seat


Bought this when I ordered the navigator and second seat. Really glad I did! I ALWAYS have my kids' heads covered so this is great but it's quite flimsy. The back doesn't attach to anything (much like the sunshade on the main stroller) but in the back you would never need to pull it beyond the seat back to provide shade. The front of the shade has wire or something in it, which makes it sturdy, but the back (which sits along the back of the seat) has no form or support, so it just hangs. Having it on the seat also blocks the view out of the seat a little bit, but its a sacrifice I was willing to make for sun protection. I have not used the mesh cover that came with the seat because it seems like a lot of work. I wish Phil&Teds had included this sun shade instead of the mesh one.

Very handy and practicle


I brought this to put on my dash buggy. It has made trips much easier as I can just adjust the sun shade rather than having to get out and attach the full shade cover. This also makes tending to my baby easier as I can just push the shade back rather than having to unzip and open the shade cover - doesn't sound like a biggy but when you are doing it 4-5x an outing it is!!!

Couldn't be happier!


This sunhood was purchased to update the hood on my P&T Sports. It is by far a better sunhood than the original one that came with my pram as its more versatile - its bigger and I love the "follow the sun" idea and how the visor can move to protect my little ones from the sun. Once I had placed my order, I received a confirmation email very promptly and the product arrived at my door within days. Very happy with the overall experience of this product and efficient delivery.

Great quality!


The sunshade/good is great and offers a great deal of shade and is easy to attach, however the only downfall is, as I have the Dash I can't get the second seat to attach to the top while the hood is on.

Great for special needs pushchairs! !


Bought this for my childs alvema pixi buggy and it's a great fit! Very reasonably priced too at £30 instead of the £200 for the official alvema one. Overall great quality and very happy with it

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