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2x Ersatzschläuche für die Reifen deines Buggys von phil&teds.

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Reifen können ausgetauscht werden, indem zunächst die Luft aus dem Schlauch gelassen und dann der Außenreifen abmontiert wird. Danach werden Schlauch und Reifen wieder auf die Felge montiert bevor der Schlauch aufgepumpt wird. Der Schlauch sollte bis höchstens 1,4-1,5 bar mit einer manuell betriebenen Handpumpe aufgepumpt werden. Druckluft aus einer automatischen Pumpe kann die Reifen deines Buggys beschädigen, da sie schnell zu stark aufgepumpt werden können.

Dieser Schlauch passt auf die folgenden Buggymodelle:

  • e3 v1 & v2
  • e3 twin
  • classic & legacy classic rot
  • classic twin
  • sport v1 & v2
  • dash
  • explorer
  • hammerhead (nur Hinterreifen)
  • navigator
  • navigator back flap v2


  • navigator parcel tray

    Gepäckfach für navigator

  • Limited availability Navigator with Auto stop black main seat sling

    Sitzteil für navigator

Fast delivery


I'm happy with the tube set, cheaper than other sites and fast delivery

Pin hole through both tubes


I bought the tube replacement x2 thinking I would have a spare invade anything went wrong well turns out neither were any good as a visible pin hole is through both and won’t hold air. Unsure wether they were made dodgy or in packaging they were damaged. Little bit disappointed, but I fully understand it wouldn’t be that way normally. I obviously was just unlucky.

Great product


Works well. No issues. Easy to swap with the old inner tube.

Useless product


Terrible product...tyres wear out every few months...cost to replace is ridiculous

Received quickly


Ordered an inner tube for verve. Received quickly.

Old is new again


Replaced a few parts of a handmedown pram .... arrived quickly and were easy to fit. Thank you

Inner Tubes


When package received we were disappointed to find on tube had two holes in it. Though when I contacted customer services they were extremely helpful and sent another two tubes first class. So even tho we had a blip it was resolved quickly.



The shipping was incredibly fast. I think it arrived within 2-3 days - thankful- because a stroller out of commission with a heavy baby isn't ideal!! Easy to put on the wheel and fill.

Sound product


This is a good product, but it is pretty expensive for what it is. Plus I had to take the tire to a bike shop for them to change the tube as it's so fiddly we couldn't do it ourselves.

Spare Inner Tubes


Good price for spare inner tubes and arrived fast.

Works well


Good inner tube. Hard to fit with the tyre and no tools but with perseverance you get there. Took about 20 mins.

Inflated and held the air.

What else should an inner tube do.

No punctured yet.



Brought 2 inner tubes as I had a puncture and always need to have my buggy as I'm a childminder. First inner tube had a small hole in already as I checked it in water before trying to put it on the tyre myself and the second one was put on by Halfords as I can't afford another puncture and the next morning the tyre was down as it appears to have a slow puncture. Not impressed.

Exactly what I meeded


With the help of their website, I found the exact replacement piece that I needed. I easily installed it to our amazing stroller and away we go. So happy with this product and everything I've gotten from P&T

Handy parts


Very fast delivery and easy to replace parts. Awesome!

Phil and teds stroller


I give it a 3, I don't know if we got a lemon of a stroller but within the first week of having it the bar that goes across broke off and now all the tires have fallen apart so I had to order replacements, still need to order a new bar just have not had much luck with this stroller



I have changed the rear wheels three times in four months. Really disappointed!

Tubes are rubbish


My navigator gets used on weekends around shopping centres and tarmacadam pathways. Both back tyres were burst within the first few months of use and replacements have worn too quickly. I used to cycle so I've dealt with bike tyres before but these are rubbish quality. They slowly leak from the central line at the outside of the tube and if you hold them under water it isn't one hole but a series of holes. I'm sick of dealing with the useless tyres at this stage. Hopefully my child will just walk soon.

What Other Options Are There?


Phil&Teds, I'm wondering what other option there is to replace the poor quality of this product? I've replaced to tubes & they just won't stay full. After spending over $700 on the stroller & add-ons, I'd hope the wheels would at least stay inflated!

New tubes and tire for the vibe


Thanks so much for the fast service. We were back up and running wth no problems in a few days after ordering



These tyres keep splitting.... I can't keep buying new sets. I dred getting my buggy out for a walk in case there is another flat.
Regretting buying the navigater v2 for this reason.



We bought the inner tubes for our navigator and neither one of the inner tubes keep air in them which makes this expensive stroller completely useless. Very disappointed.

Still flat


I bought new tubes for my ever flat tire. Still flat. I think they are defective as we have been having this problem for a year w multiple tubes. & friends have had the same issue.0

Phil & Teds are a fu (king disgrace


I cant believe ive had to purchase another set of tyres and tubes for my Vibe pram for fu(k sake thats now 3 completes sets for 3 babies totaling over $400 !!!! What a Joke! but dont worry ive done my best to tell all the new mothers NOT to purchase phil & Teds products. Your pram tyres are a scam



I received this item less than a month ago and as other reviews state, I am already having the inner tube pop out from the tire. It's too bad for such a name brand product as this that the inner tubes have to be so low quality that this keeps happening over and over.
The tire is now rubbing against the tire guard, so it's constantly making a repetitive (irritating) noise as we push the stroller. Certainly is better than pushing with a flat, which I hope doesn't happen soon...

Just as described.


I bought the inner tube to replace one that had a hole. It came very fast and fixed my problem.

Just popped another


Just popped a new inner tube trying to replace my flat myself after paying a bike shop the last few times. Anyone else have a terrible time getting the tire on and off over the inner tube? I used a YouTube video to demonstrate but their P&T tire was far more flexible than my vibes.

Did not last


I love my Phil & Teds Sport stroller. It's durable and flexible design has kept up with me and my three kids for years. However, I've had trouble keeping the tires inflated and purchased all new tubes and tires and had the guys at the bike shop put them on for me. Two of them popped within 3 months. I'm going to try another brand and following the recommendation to manually inflate.

Did last me 1week


Phil and theds definitely has problems with the tires and those inner tubes. After my previous tires were totally worn out and exploded on one of my walks i decided to order all the new tires and inner tubes. After one week of use(i only go for short walks once in a while), the tires are totally out of pattern already and one of the inner tubes went flat.

12" inner tubes


I'm sure that these inner tubes are fine, but they are the same as any inner tube that can be bought at a local bike or sport goods store for half the price.

Did the job perfectly


One of our inner tubes went flat after a few years, which is to be expected. We replaced it with this one and it is working perfectly. Very easy to replace. And since it was a set of two, we now have a spare.

Speedy delivery


I bought the front rear and i am so.happy it come ontime before my holiday trip because i bring it over during my travel,

Didn't even last a complete day.


These tires are always popping. And it isn't just us, at this moment we have two other family friends who have a Phil and Teds stroller with a flat tire. No idea what is going on. This is the fourth tube in 6 months, so we are just going with a different brand stroller. Not worth the hassle.

Easy to install


My front tire had blown out so I needed to replace it. It was easy to remove the old one and install the new one.

Very disappointed


We recently purchased 2 new Verve Phil & Teds tyres. Within 4 weeks of use both the tyres have completely worn through. This evening the wear caused a failure of the tyre leaving myself and 2 young daughters in a difficult situation.

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