Haltestange für promenade

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Ersatz-Haltestange (oder Stoßstange) für deinen promenade-Buggy.

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  • smart lux front wheel 1200x

    Vorderrad für promenade und smart lux

  • cosy toes foot muff on promenade in upright position

    cosy toes für promenade- & smart lux-Buggys

    maßgeschneiderter Fußsack

Amazing production


I am so happy with my promenade. I purchased some part and it look like new again

Rubber /foam is a terrible choice in material


Nice sturdy metal handle. I like that the whole thing clips on/off pram seat.
Big downside is the rubbery foam material put around the centre of metal. If your Bub decides to put mouth and naw/bite (as done teething bobs do) over this area, you will easily gets tears and chunks missing from this piece.
Grubby little hands get a hold of this material and after much cleaning I was never able to make this piece look nice and clean, it just looked old and grubby because particles became ingrained in the material and could not be removed.
Very poor choice of material to use for an area that little kids and babies will handle. I'm also curious about the hygiene level of this kind of material when it's impossible to fully clean.
I removed my rubber and now my baby has a cold handle to hold onto in winter.

Worst bumper bar!


I own both the Promenade and the new model Verve and love my Promenade. That is apart from the bumper bar. Who thought that a foam covering was a good idea?! As much as I dislike my children eating in their buggies, I have 7 young children and sometimes my sanity has to come first. The bar is difficult to clean and the end of it came when my then 13 month old bit it. Totally ruined and replacing it seems pointless. The bumper bar on my Verve however, has so removable, washable cover. It really is the simple things!

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