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Der smart ist jetzt noch smarter. Der komplette und kompakte Buggy!


Einfach das Sonnendach anbringen! Dieses Sonnendach besteht nur aus Stoff. Es hat weder Rahmen noch Riegel und ist dennoch mit allen Modellen des smart-Buggys kompatibel*.

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Great city living pram


Great pram if u only go to the shops, not good for walks on anything but a smooth flat surface. Super easy to fold and chuck in the car especially if u have a hatchback u don't even need to I attach the seat. My biggest problem with this pram is actually the hood cover. Purchased separately for around $35 and only lasted 6 weeks. It's sun damaged and frayed and has the spokes poking out kind of what happens to underwire bras. Not very impressed. Apart from that it's lovely and stylish.

broken hood :(


I own a phil and teds smart and have used it since bubs was 5 weeks old with the rear face seat but now the little nut bits on the side of the hood on mine have also sprung off on one side ! And useless now with no hood i had to buy another cheaper pram to use in the meantime!! Has anyone figured out where we can get the parts yet ?? %thanks

Excellent variety!


I bought this about a month ago. I am very happy to give my stroller a pop of colour to match my mood. I have blue, red, black and orange. The only thing I don't like is taking out the rods each time to install hood. It would be much more convenient if it came with the rods for easy zip on and off.

New design solves all the problems!


The only complaints that appear on these reviews touch on the sunhood nuts coming loose. The new sunhood design has addressed this problem, and the frame for the hood is now permanently attached to the stroller frame. The fabric attaches to the sunhood frame via two zippers, meaning that the nuts will not come loose. I love the option to customise the stroller with different colours, and have received many compliments about the orange we chose. I also love the adjustablility of the sunhood, meaning that we are always able to block the sun from our baby's eyes, regardless of seat orientation of sun placement.

Lost bracket and nuts


When taking the stroller out I always get stopped in the street by young mums and mums to be asking what type of stroller I have. I am very proud of this stroller except for one thing. The sunhood bracket and nuts, they keep coming loose and I have to tighten them all the time. Now unfortunately I have lost the nut and bracket and would have to buy the whole sunhood just to obtain the bracket and nuts.

Phil & ted should really consider supplying locking nuts when shipping out new strollers. It seems a shame that this seems to be a common problem to such a lovely looking stroller.

I am very pleased with it apart from this problem.

Lost nuts


We love the smart,great flexibility and on public transport but! The sun shade nuts work lose and sprung,! Is lost never to be found again. We have had two sunshades and finally second one has lost bot nuts. Great stroller but near unless without sun need to have a self locking system for the nuts or supply a packet of them for each pram.

We now have no choice but to buy another pram, our child had another year in this unit but we don't feel that we could buy another smart, with this design floor, it would just mean more time searching for that little black nut.

Please consider problem because stroller is too good to be tarnished by such a floor. Cheers jude

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