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nest Reise-Babykörbchen

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Der BRANDNEUE nest ist das weltweit kompakteste & leichteste Reise-Babykörbchen. Es ist perfekt für Tag & Nacht, oder auch für zu Hause & unterwegs, damit du ganz entspannt sein kannst, während dein Kleines ein Nickerchen macht. nest enthält 2 Spannlaken & einen hochwertigen Insektenschutz, wodurch das Babykörbchen überall draußen einen kühlen & atmungsaktiven Platz zum Schlafen bietet.

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Wow! Funktionen des nest Reise-Babykörbchen:

  • Super kompakt & unglaublich leicht
  • Mit den nest Tragegriffen trägst du dein Baby überallhin.
  • Lässt sich am Tragetaschenständer anbringen.
  • Durch das einfache Aufstellen & Zusammenklappen kann der Kurztrip jederzeit losgehen.
  • Großes & geräumiges Bett, in dem das Baby wachsen kann

Im Paket enthalten:

  • nest Reise-Babykörbchen mit Tragegriffen
  • 2 Spannlaken für ein sauberes & gemütliches Schläfchen
  • bequeme Matratze
  • hochwertiger Insektenschutz für einen ungestörten Schlaf – drinnen oder draußen verwendbar
  • kompakte Tragetasche

Technische Daten:

Gewicht: 1,4 kg

Abmessungen des nest: 80 cm x 44 cm

Abmessungen zusammengeklappt: 42 cm x 40 cm x 13 cm

Alter: Neugeborenes bis zum selbständigen Sitzen


  • EN1466:2014
  • SOR2010-261
  • 16 CFR 1500.50

Tech specs

  • Gewicht: 1,4 kg
  • Abmessungen des nest: 80 cm x 44 cm
  • Abmessungen zusammengeklappt: 42 cm x 40 cm x 13 cm
  • Alter: Neugeborenes bis zum selbständigen Sitzen
  • Sicherheitszertifizierung:
    • EN1466:2014
    • SOR2010-261
    • 16 CFR 1500.50




We registered for this because we'd heard great things about the company but once our baby came it became our GO TO! We brought it to Grandma's, to the mountains, on vacations, to parties, wherever we needed a little sleep area, and then we loved it so much we started using it at home. It was especially perfect when we had to do elevated sleep for a sick infant. We LOVE this product!

Love Love Loved


We bought this to use as both our 3rd child's main bed when she was newborn and for being out and about. It has been fabulous. Tucked into a corner of our room for sleeping at night. She could be with me in the kitchen, or out in the living room with her siblings. Spending a day at a friend's house, she could sleep in her own bed, it gave her a barrier of protection from curious toddlers and pets, but still kept her as part of the action. I love snuggling my baby in a carrier, but find it difficult to parent two active toddlers if I can't put her down when I need to. For baby's social development, too, I found this a nice compliment to a baby carrier. She could wiggle at a park or a party. Friends were more likely to ask to hold her. Children of all ages could interact with her--the little bit of barrier really helped my 2yo son figure out how to interact with his sister without hurting her/ getting in trouble. We had to stop using it for a bed at about 5 months because she needed room to roll over. Stopped using it out and about a month later because she wants to be on her belly all the time, and couldn't see. :) So grateful we found the nest!

Not overly happy


We bought this about a week or two ago. It was very difficult to put up and due to the features we couldn't tick the top blanket into the bassinet so I felt like it wasn't the safest bassinet for a 3 month old. The mattress and base were also incredibly hard.

New model: total cr*p, cheap material, poor constr


Bought a new model Nest directly from Phil & Ted's on-line. This is NOT like the old model. New model requires one to thread poles though difficult little holes in the sheet, in order to connected to what appears to be about 75-cents worth piece of corrugated plastic board (not the nice backboard shown in photos of the original) - crudely trimmed with sharp edges and some half-stuck-on packing tape over the edges of the board. To top it off, the sheet is poorly fitted with elastic, and asymmetrically cut: possibly a production error? The "mattress" itself appears to be open-cell cheap foam, eg will it absorb urine and liquids that seep through the sheet? What a joke. Imagine trying to change that sheet at 4 AM with crying child. In sum, I think the new Nest is a total con-job: I wonder if they are using their reputation built on the initial design to shill a very cheap product to the unsuspecting. Although I had heard great things about the company, now I wouldn't trust them - at all. And I have to pay return shipping! I got burned. DON'T BUY..

Great concept, but would recommend improvements


The concept of this product is great - i.e., ability to fold up and transport with you. Feedback for the designers of this product: I'd recommend being able to change the under sheet without having to take the poles out - the process of having to line up all the various parts, including the under sheet, is arduous.

Very portable but with its flaws.


Just received this recently. It does fold up very well and is very easy to carry as it is very light. Just a couple of issues though. The little mattress cover has holes for the poles to go through but they were were big enough so the sheet tore a little bit. (Wonder how long it'll last), but the biggest issue for us is that the poles attach on the inside of the bassinet and not the outside. This leaves tight spaces for little bubs to get their hands and fingers stuck between the poles and the outer. feels kinda cheap. I've looked at the older version second hand and wish I'd went for that one.

Clever design


I bought this so that my 2.5 month old had somewhere to sleep on our holiday. It was the perfect choice! I must say, the first time I tried to assemble the bassinet, it was very difficult. But that was only drawback, and once I had done it a couple of times, it became much easier.

The design is very clever, and perfect for travelling. I am actually still sleeping him in it at home, and he is a large baby who is now 4 months old. On the holiday, the mesh insect net was a brilliant feature.

As a suggestion to the company, the mattress or sheet could do with a waterproof cover, but overall I think this is a great product.

Too small for us


We bought the Nest thinking it would be great for a trip planned for when our daughter is 5 months old. Unfortunately, by 10 weeks she was already too big for it. The fabric walls curve inwards so that they touched her head after just a few minutes of her wriggling. We also found the holes in the sheet, mattress and base to be difficult to line up - in the end the sheet was tearing to allow the pole in position.
It's a great size when folded , and a clever design. I just wish it had worked out for us.

Light, Compact, Bug Net for outside


We spent the summer at various cottages with our 3 - 5 month old and brought this along (he got used to it for a bit at home first). This bassinet was great. It was small enough to fit in our duffle bag and super light (put in a large backpack) when we hiked in to a beach. The bug net was great when we wanted to put our son for a nap outside while our other kids were swimming. Cons were the set up was a bit fussy (although it never took longer than a few minutes to assemble), and there is only one sheet (two would be good). It held up for us but I agree, the foam looks like it will deteriorate over time. I loved that we could pick it up by the handles easily and it also doubled as a play gym - we strung toys between the two handles. Take down is super easy.

Useful product, but could be better


Compact when folded
Large bassinet size
Quick to set up (once practised)
Comes with sheets

Mattress is just a piece of foam. It has no cover and looks hard to clean. Weird shape means standard mattress protectors won't fit. Foam also looks like it might tear easily (this hasn't happened, but I've only used for a few trips so far).
Carry bag would be better with a longer handle and a more secure fastening, eg a zip (it just has a velcro patch so you wouldn't be able to check it in on a plane).

Overall, the idea is good, but the product could be made more functional with a few minor changes. That said, I haven't found any similar alternative products.

Too much hassle


This was such a struggle to put together, that I ended up leaving it at home and improvising a bed at the airport, which is what we were hoping to use this for. Much too difficult -- perhaps we received a faulty one?

It's good!


Yeah, it's good. We'll done. Thanks. Can't wait to put my baby in this but have to wait until I can.

Super light


We bought this bassinet for the soul purpose of traveling overseas with our 5 month old. Whilst the initial assembly can be tricky, it served its purpose by being extremely light weight and compact, perfect for our journey and comfortable enough for the 2 weeks it was intended for. We took it on the plane as hand luggage, which freed up some space for shopping on the way home!

Complicated to put together


I had a terrible time getting the nest together. Could not do it alone- needed an extra hand so I offered to send it back. However, my daughter who is the one that selected it on her baby registry was not intimidated. It is a light as advertised but just a little complicated to pack due to the width so it will probably have to be part of their 'carryon paraphanalia ' when they take it on trips.
I was shocked by your price to ship it to my daughter in Hawaii so I am bringing it to her when I travel there before the baby is born.

Don't recommend


We brought this product and found it difficult to put together and designed terribly. I did not like how the support brackets connected on the inside of the bassinet. I later heard they had changed the design. We returned ours and received a full refund, the older model looks much better. Service was good, wouldn't recommend this product though

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