Taika Waititi and his smart stroller

We were also fortunate enough to get our hands on the Smart Stroller which has made a huge difference, especially when traveling around the snowy Berlin streets during the film festival. It's strong and sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to fold out and collapse, not to mention the nice comments from others in the stroller community. Turning the seat around to face you is good for a baby nap and the coloured hood makes it easy to spot your child when you lose them at a pram party. Best of all, the stroller and travel crib can both fit in to the up & away bag . Boom.

Taika Waititi ( New Zealand)

MamaLoveNYC smart image

"The SMART is a great “in-between” stroller: it has qualities of a full-size stroller, but with the size and compact fold of an umbrella stroller. The SMART alone could definitely accommodate a parent and baby/toddler’s needs for the first few years. The coolest part? You can make it completely your own style with customizable color options."

Lauren Deneroff ( New York City)

Rebecca and her smart stroller

"I can honestly say that I have found the stroller that has “made my life easier”. Many strollers are of chariot proportions. I was determined to find something simple that did indeed take a bit of the stress off having that perfect little life. Something that I could assemble, fold down, easily push and not limit me to certain paths or venues. That I could weave in and out of the tiniest aisles, that would be comfortable but no nonsense. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! The smart stroller is incredibly lightweight without compromising stability. It’s sleek and simple frame is fantastic and allows me to switch from car seat mode, to rear facing seat in record time! I can easily pop it on to any kerb without jiggling my baby around." - Rebecca, Mom of 2

The seat is made from Aerocore -- a material with a look and feel similar to Crocs. It's waterproof, odor-resistant, and super easy to clean. ( Austraila)

"The very fun bit about this buggy is the way that you can customise it! The seat, hood and optional liner all come in a range of colours and you can mix and match as you like. Phil&Teds has also just added a mesh seat to the range of accessories – perfect for hot summer days! There’s a funky tool on the Phil&Teds website where you can see your customised colour… great fun to play around with.

As well as being funky, this stroller also works well. I’ve tried a few ‘umbrella’ strollers and they all leave me a bit cold. They’re uncomfortable to push, often clunky to handle and seem to fall apart easily. The Smart is a solid, high quality stroller that is designed to last. It’s maneuverable and fits larger children as well as younger ones. You can also use both a carrycot attachment and a car seat attachment with this buggy, so it’s great for babies as well as toddlers." - Rochelle Gribble


Our first impression of the smart stroller was, “Wow, this is luxury!” and we were right. The materials, design, ergonomics, and overall aesthetics are worth the price tag. Every thought has been put into this stroller.It is lightweight and compact, yet sturdy and proportional. It is sleek and understated at the same time, yet incredibly practical and usable. 

Parenting&newborn ( United States)


Described by both the company and industry commentators as “the complete compact stroller system,” the smart looks set to reshape the stroller market with its introduction of ground breaking technology like revolutionary ‘aerocore’ seating. “We set out to prove that ‘compact’ needn’t mean ‘functionless’,” says design head Phil Brace. “The compact market has, since 1964, been dominated by the umbrella stroller which – other than being light – does little to meet key parental stroller needs. We wanted to rectify that.”

celebritybabyscoop ( United States)


We are absolutely smitten over the phil&teds stroller ($299.99) --- yes, I know -- you may recall our already confessed love here once before but, we can’t help ourselves. The lightweight stroller system just got better with the verso adapter.

cupcakeMAG ( United States)

The Smart was absolutely perfect for my day of lunching and shopping.  The verso adaptors made it possible for me to have my baby facing me, whilst the tiny footprint of the stroller made it a breeze to dart in and out of small stores.  The foam on the handles is soft and squishy to touch and the drink holder latch perfectly held my few bags of shopping.  All the while my baby slept covered by the huge follow-the-sun canopy thatI discovered is also great to dim out the bright lights of a shopping centre. ( Australia) Best New Strollers: Spring 2013

Phil & Teds listened to their customers' advice and went out to improve their smart stroller. They have made the seat softer and wider, while making the stroller frame small enough to fit through a subway gate. With the new "color it your way" option, you can pick from over 200 color combinations for your stroller.

Lauren Jimeson ( USA)


The smart concept is a lot of fun. You customize the stroller as you buy it – the seat and the sun hood (as well as the optional lining) come in a variety of cheerful candy colours. You can go all liquorice black, or choose colours ranging from neutral almond, to candy floss pink, to tangerine orange. The variety makes for a perfect excuse to order a couple of extra hoods, and then switch them according to your outfit or mood. Read More

yoyomama ( Canada)

consumer review

"You can fit the smart buggy, seat and peanut all in the travel bag!  Take the rear wheels with mudguards on We put the frame in by itself and put the seat in separately face down, in the space between the wheels and the handlebars with the bum part up near the handlebars.  We flattened the peanut and VOILA it all fit perfectly in!!  

In winter the aerocore seat will be perfect when you go to Saturday morning sport with the kids and things get really muddy and perfect in the summer for outdoor/beach living.  It's a real benefit being easy clean!"

Melanie ( Brisbane, Australia)

consumer review

"My two and half year old Georgie LURVESSSS our new smart buggy. He has severe allergies to food, and  mould amongst others.... this new seat has given me piece of mind that George is moving around in a wipe-clean, hypoallergenic and supper comfy ride.... it''s been super easy cleaning the seat with a cloth - no mess, no fading...He looks so relaxed and loves playing with the aerocore seat - it''s super soft and comfy.

I love how the sun hood has so much freedom and George will often adjust the sun hood himself to suit himself.  It''s been great having a compact stroller that folds so quickly and I can fit it in the back of the car with all the other kids gear....we recently travelled about a bit and it was a dream travelling with a small compact, yet robust stroller!!  Everywhere we go, people ask us where we got our buggy & we love telling them it's a phil&teds."

Virginia ( Wellington NZ)