rear wheel guards

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Replacement wheel guards (mud guards) to protect wee fingers from the rear wheels of your buggy

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These wheel guards come in a pair and are compatible with the following stroller models:

  • e3 v1
  • e3 v2
  • sport v1

These guards come as a kit with brackets to secure around the frame of your buggy above the rear wheel. These brackets fit together to encircle the frame and secure together with a standard screwdriver.

Tyre Cover


Terrible they have sent me them however the bolts to attach are incorrect and I am still waiting on a reply to get the right ones. I cannot use the pram as my son is already trying to touch the wheels. So overall very disappointed

Fittings are very brittle


Note that these don't come with any instructions on how to fit and as far as I can see there is nothing on the website on how to fit these ones, only the clip on ones. The actual guards are fine but the fittings are very brittle and broke when I was attaching them. It's a pity because they would have worked well if they had have fit on correctly. I currently can not put my one year old in the back seat as he keeps touching the wheels so hoping I'll have the fittings problem sorted soon.

Terrible Fit


I bought these rear wheel guards primarily to protect my Kiddo's fingers while in the second seat. We had a tough time getting them on, and then they scraped the tires constantly. We have since taken them off and are just hoping for the best for finger safety.

No fittings but wonderful staff are looking for me


These came with no fittings, can't use my pushchair atm as my little one keeps touching the wheels so was a bit gutted...customer service are being very helpful trying to track some down, brilliant staff, so I am hoping they find some for me otherwise can't fit them..if so then they look like they will do the job but did come with a few scratches on arrival

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