sport parcel tray and footwell

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Replacement parcel tray (under basket) and footwell for your sport version 1 buggy.

This product has been discontinued - once we've sold the last of the last colour, it's gone for good (we're sorry!).

Derzeit nicht in dieser Region verfügbar.


This replacement part may not be identical to the original parcel tray on your sport buggy. The differences are minor and the part is compatible!

* The sport stroller is not compatible with fabric from any other stroller

Still A Great colour and design!


After 7 years and 4 kids...oh and another 1 next year, well our sport 2 Phil & Teds blue camo needed the extra TLC. The foot well had ripped and gone through many challenging terrains. After finding out that your site sold spare parts I was delighted. Had a few bumps with PayPal payments from Malaysia but nothing your Web Manager couldn't fix. Thanks for the fast and efficient service.
Wasn't hard to replace, only I wished there were marks on the fabric where I could have easily put the screw in place.However, I managed to pull and tighten with a little bit of fiddling. Fits great. Only trouble is now they no longer sell the replacements for this coloured seats and hood so the new colour does stand out against the old.
So hope I can find some solid colour seat liners to remedy that situation.
Hope the 7 yr old tyres won't 'retire' soon. She maybe an old model but she still a head turner and whips out all the other newer models. But Hey? She's a Phil n Teds...built to last.
Shipping btw is a little steep but super fast!

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