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storm cover backflap

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PVC backflap used to cover the open space created when the seat is in the lie flat position.

This product has been discontinued - once we've sold the last, it's gone for good (we're sorry!).

Derzeit nicht in dieser Region verfügbar.


Compatible with sport version 2 & s3 buggies with toggle & loop attachment mechanism.

Great quality replacement


Fits just like the original did, easy to attach and use.

Perfect fit


Bought this for a sport buggy my pal gave me for my first born. Phil and teds website was brill for getting a few spare/new parts. This rain/weather cover is perfect for our unpredictable weather in the west of Ireland. It folds up nicely and tucks away for the dry days without having to remove it.

Great product!


Great product! It firs perfectly our buggy and covers it very well. I am very happy that I bought it!

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