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UV-Sonnennetz für dein double kit bietet Schutz und Schatten für dein Baby auf dem hinteren Sitz.

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  • sport 2015+

not great


Doesn't fit we nor shield the child as much as I hoped

Phil and ted sport


Fantastic!! So practical and easy to use both my children love it !

Toddler Sun Cover


The Toddler Sun Cover is just fabulous. Would buy from you as anytime. The postage was also very quick.

This is a brilliant accessory


I this the double kit mesh is great. Perfect for keeping sun and heat off off kids. Thank you

Good product!


Works well, does what it's suppose to do for youngster!

not as per the video!


just received this and there are no domes as shown on the video - 2 sets of the loop/toggles instead. And the frame of the dot is different to that shown in the video so I can see how to attach it at the top. very misleading.

Great feature


I find this a lot easer to use than the hood on the second seat. Easily removed to be able to get in to back seat.

Not as useful as hoped


The product is good quality, however it does mean that the covered area gets quite hot. I was hoping to obtain an attachment that covers the rear area when the main seat lies flat and the second seat is on top as my baby girl is very exposed to the sun, however this won't work for that purpose. Not as useful as I had hoped.

don't waste your money


it does not fit correctly and the corresponding video is a different cover to what arrived and what was pictured.

Great replacement for the sun hood


I wanted the sun hood for the Classic but was informed it had been replaced with a shade. In my opinion the shade works very well, it simply attaches to the Velcro at the top and you can attach it to the buggy at the bottom very easily. It works very well and probably better than the old hood as it provides a lot more cover. I think it's a brilliant buy for the price. I would have give it 5 stars, however it doesn't shield little eyes from the sun completely (the fabric could be a bit more dense possibly), but is definitely really good and I'm very pleased with it.

Works great


Once you figure out the best place for the hooks it works great!

Very Pleased


I bought this item about a month ago. I have no complaints except for the fact that I had no idea how to attach it. I would have to say it literally took me an hour to attach it. I google and you tube and there was nothing out there that explained that after the velcro was attached where to the elastic loops hook to. Finally, after me and my husband got together we put the top loop and conneted them to the handle bars, and the bottom to we attached to the rear wheel protectors. They have 2 small slits in them and so we used the little knob and put it in 1 of the slits. Worked like a charm. The only reason I said all that is to possible help someone who wants to buy this and feel like they wasted their money on this. Once I got it on it does exactly what it was made for. I love it.

Don't waste your money


Haven't a clue how to attach it what a waste of money. We have navigator which is a fab buggy. This sunshade came with double buggy kit so no reason it shouldn't fit but defo doesn't, not impressed as would be a fab idea and I'd do anything to keep my little boy out of the sun.

Great for covering baby


I have found this sun mesh great as my toddler quite often kicks off the double sun mesh meaning the baby is exposed underneath. Therefore I can just use this to keep the sun off the baby and use the hood for the toddler. I agree with the other review that it would be useful to know where the to attach the loops. We use the Navigator.

Happy baby


I love this my keeps the sun out of my 5 month olds eyes while the older kids ( who hate being covered by sun shade and kick at it) are happy too

Useless Item.


Does not fit explorer as stated. Item is Absolutley useless to me now. A waste of money.

Good idea


I bought this sun cover as I already had one on the front of my pushchair when I take my 18 month granddaughter out , but now and again I have her cousin who is 15 months as I wanted to keep the sun off her as well ,the sun still gets on to her legs so I still have to cover them up plus it would have been nice to see where on the buggy I need to attach it to as the Velcro is bigger than the Velcro on the hood and when I put the back down for her to sleep it comes up

Great protection


Compatible with my Explorer pram easy to use.

Great peace of mind knowing my both my kids are protected from harmful rays!

phil and teds sun mesh for back seat.


Its a fabulous product and i dont know why you guys did not think of this earlier, better than the floppy shade cover for the backseat, it never sat in place very well. This sun mesh is great and does the job well for the back seat kid.

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