Hinterrad für vibe & verve

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Ersatz-Hinterrad für den vibe- oder verve-Buggy, einschließlich Felge, Reifen, Schlauch und Lager.

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vibe/verve-Achsen, mit denen die Hinterräder des Buggys gesichert werden, können getrennt bestellt werden.

Awesome service


I bought a replacement back wheel for my vibe buggy. Although initially i struggled to find the contact details for phil&Teds, when i finally find them the customer service was great. Super helpful and followed through on promises of follow up confirmation emails etc. Replacement part arrived promptly and we are happy. Thanks!

Good features


I bought these items (front & back wheels)a month ago and they arrived before the estimated dates so I was happy with the items.

No axle bolt include!


On thinking when I bought this that I'd be able to fit a whole new wheel and off I'd go, I was angry to find when it arrived that it doesn't include the axle bolt that it shows in the photo - be warned or you'll end up paying again for postage and the bolt and end up waiting even longer to have a usable buggy!



After buying the wheel because my original wheel had become buckled & deflated, the new wheel was put onto the buggy & 5 min later it had a puncture. Very disappointed as I've only used the buggy twice.

Rubbish as always


As with everything I've bought from phil and teds this item was disappointing. The inner tube was damaged so I had to order another inner tube. Luckily, this time the tyre came off without too much stretching so I was able to use the same tyre when the extra inner tube came and not buy a new tyre which I often have to do when changing an inner tube.

faulty goods


I bought 2 new rear wheels to replace the ones that had punctures. I used the buggy twice and now one of the new wheels has a puncture. I can't afford to buy new wheels every week! I am not over loading the buggy (I have a 5 week old baby and a 3 year old who very rarely gets in it). This is not the first time I have encountered this problem with phil & ted's and I don't know why they don't move to gel wheels to avoud this issue.

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