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Doppelter Sonnenschutz für deinen DOT-Buggy.

Derzeit nicht in dieser Region verfügbar.


Der DOT-Sonnenschutz ist COOL! weil:

  • individuell anpassbares UV-Sonnennetz
  • schützt gegen Sonnenlicht, Insekten und schädliche Strahlen
  • Verdeck für Hauptsitz & double kit
  • nur mit dem DOT-Buggy kompatibel

Great but could be even better


Very happy I got this. Fits the dot (v1) perfectly when functioning as a double. Downside is that if my girl (in main seat) doesn't want the sun cover on but my baby boy could do with a nap in the back seat (fairly frequent scenario) then I fold the sun cover back at the front, but then it doesn't stay in place very well leaving flappy bits at the sides which my boy then waves his hands around and gets distracted by instead of dropping off to sleep nicely. Sometimes he pulls it over his face too as it's not all nicely taut if it's not hooked all the way to the bottom at the front. There must be a simple way to solve this I'm sure.

Not a great buy


I bought this for our new Phil & Ted Dot pram which we use as a double pram. With our baby underneath the cover barely fits. We can't actually do up all the studs as it doesn't stretch far enough. Very disappointed in the product given the price!

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