double sun cover

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Double UV mesh sun cover for your explorer, black classic, s3 & s4 stroller.

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This double sun cover is HOT! because:

  • custom fit UV filtering mesh
  • prevents sunny daze, bugs & rays
  • main seat & double kit coverage

*Once stock of black classic, explorer, s3 & s4 covers have sold through, we will be providing navigator covers. Rest assured, these are compatible!

Fine piece of kit


We'be been using the Sunny Days cover for about three months now. The cover has a loose fit, which is nice. You don't have to struggle to put it on the buggy (we have a Classic). It gives the buggy a bit of a 'burka look' because of the black mesh. We don't really care, because the most important thing is that our kids are protected from the sun and nasty bugs. The mesh cover does that job really well.

Sunny days uv mesh


I bought this sun cover a few years ago and I'm not convinced. My child spends her whole time squinting because of the glare of the sun. So surely that's not protecting her!? I then thought maybe I had accidentally bought the mosquito net by mistake so have re ordered a sunny days uv mesh. It looks exactly the same to me, I am going to go out now and give it a try.
Has anyone else had this problem??


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