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navigator buggy

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Proven all-terrain design meets 1st class safety in the navigator stroller with auto stop. More adaptability & comfort than ever before, with 26 riding options!

(Your stroller may arrive with hubcaps attached to the back wheels, which are not currently shown on these images)

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Your navigator stroller is HOT! because:

  • auto stop braking system: safe & convenient
  • 26 riding options to accommodate 1 or 2 newborn babies up to 2 toddlers
  • rear facing double kit option
  • attach 1 or 2 car seats using navigator car seat adaptors (car seat adaptor to attach a 2nd car seat not available in all markets. Check availability where you are! )
  • cleverly engineered 'kerb pop' for ultra light handling
  • lightweight at just 12.5kg and 59cm narrow
  • one hand fast fold & automatic frame lock
  • easy adjust tail-free 5 point safety harness with shoulder pads for comfort
  • multi height adjustable handle with comfort foam grip
  • premium fabric
  • deeper, taller & easily removed main seat
  • seat back length: 64cm 
  • multiple seat positions from lie flat for a newborn baby to fully upright
  • follow-the-sun hood with handy storage pockets
  • one hand double kit recline
  • moldable neck support on double kit (sold separately) for a younger baby
  • large shopping basket
  • 12” air filled tyres
  • durable & easy clean plastic footwell 
  • 2-mode front wheel for multi terrain: swivel or lock straight

Perfect for home & travel


I bought the double Navigator pram prior to us moving from Western Australia to Morocco for a few months. I cannot recommend this product highly enough because I could never get around without it - I have tried and failed! I have 2 large robust boys aged 2 & 4. I researched extensively and purchased this product online. When it first arrived I assembled it quickly but thought it looked a tad flimsy for my needs and almost returned it. Fortunately I could not have been more wrong! This pram went through every challenge imagine able in Casablanca and beyond by easily moving through huge & infinite kerbs - thanks kerb pop I presumed you were marketing spin but you really do work wonders - pot holes, sandstorms, crowded markets, farmland, trams, trains, shopping malls, cafés, beaches & folded up neatly to fit into the back of a VW Golf hatchback. The main appeal of this pram for me was the reclining doubles kit which meant that both children can sleep in it when necessary. Plus it is so easy to push and steer and narrow enough to push through crowds. I continue to use this pram almost daily here at home in Australia because I often walk long distances. It was a great investment!

Perfect for us


We bought the Navigator with doubles kit before the arrival of our second child and couldn't be happier with our choice. Our two year old happily rides in the front seat, despite being on a "stroller strike" for the previous six months with our old single stroller. We think she likes the higher seat position/view from above. I had expected some awkwardness placing our baby in the rear lay-back, but it's been fine. We are a car-free household and live in a city with many cobblestone footpaths, so our strollers take a beating. The Navigator has held up great so far and pushes like a dream. Very happy!

My first and only stroller I'll ever use


I am quite the baby product connoisseur so you bet I did TONS of research before purchasing. It was between the BOB or phil&teds Navigator. I am so pleased I went with the navigator. We live right in the middle of a city and we walk EVERYWHERE including the grocery store. I can easily manuever this stroller everywhere we go without a problem, even get through doors by myself without constantly having to ask someone to hold the door for me. Highly recommend!

Love it!


I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old and I LOVE this stroller. Not only does it have many different ways to carry the kids, but it also fits perfectly in my 2 door sports car!

Smooth sailing compact folding stroller


I've used this stroller with my infant and toddler and with my toddler and 4 year old. It suits my children in so many situations to keep them comfortable. Whether I have 2 sleepy kids or one that needs to sleep and one that wants to watch, I always have what I need to best care for my kids as long as I've got my Phil and Teds stroller and double seat along. And it's always with me!! I never take it out of my van, in which it fits sideways standing up in my van trunk so it hardly takes up any room. I've rumbled up mountainous trails, sailed through many malls, and pushed through the sand at the beach like never before. This stroller surpasses any other stroller i've compared and I'd buy 3 of them if I had to!

Perfect for me!


I recently had another baby and my older boy is 2 yrs old. He are always outside and going places. I hate big bulky things so I was worried about finding a dbl stroller I would like. This stroller is compact but roomy! I get compliments all the time. We take it to the beach, playground , the ranch, running, carnivals etc... No problem in crowds bumping ppl. Easy to maneuver, easy to pack up. Everyone always thinks the kid in the back gets a bad view... But honestly everyone fights to get that seat. Cousins and friends always want to ride in the back. It's so easy to push (I even push it in the sand at the beach). There isn't a lot of storage space though... So I bougt a bag that attaches to the handles that has cup holders and such and its worked out perfect. I don't even need to carry a diaper bag. Just have things in that little bag. Note also that the visor for the back seat doesn't come with it. Need to buy separately and my little one is usually in the back and it's sunny so I use a Muslim blanket for shade. There is a screen that they sell that attaches to the back seat but we are in hawaii and shipping a $12 item was over $50 and I didn't want to pay that.
Also ..... Suuuuper easy to clean! Love that

Light weight!


Bought it right before my 2nd baby got here. I like how it can go from double to single vice versa. Easy easy to maneuver. A few things would be needed to make the stroller perfect - parent cup holder, kids cupholder, removable washable fabric seat and if the 2nd seat can be folded wihile it is attached to the frame.

Pushes like a Dream!


This stroller is fantastic. The push is AMAZING, even with 2 heavy kids. The fold is compact for the size of stroller. The second seat is easy to attach and remove.

Great all-around!


I don't know how we lived before this stroller! It's perfect for my 3.5 year old & 18 month old. It navigates everything from city sidewalks to fields. You can definitely use it to jog with 2 kids. We made the mistake of getting a few cheaper strollers originally, I wish we'd had this one all along, it's the only one we need.

Best stroller


This is truly the best stroller. This is my seventh stroller and I wish I would have started with this one. This is the easiest double stroller to maneuver and it can go in any doorway and in aisles in stores!! The double seat in the back comes off easily so it can be a single stroller when you need it to be. Otis a very brilliant design!!



I did my research and thought this would be the best option for me.... but not convinced it's not as user friendly as it could be far simpler... hate the no basket room and the hood does not fit on the pram where it should.. keeps popping off every time I try to connect properly.... I do love the way it feels to push! Absorbs the bumps and steers well! Just hate how it folds down with handle into the ground just way too many things bugging me!

Fab stroller!!


I brought this for my daughter when she was 10 months old as we are keen dog walkers and needed something to handle all terrain. This stroller ticks all the box and its fabulous if your family is growing as you have the option for the second seat! One niggle, with the foam handle its easily damaged when you close and open the stroller as the handle bar sits on the pavement and when you pick the stroller up, you will find the foam handle therefore rubs on the floor and it starts to rip and tear



Szukałam długo wózka, który łączy klasykę z elegancją i funkcjonalnością i jedyne co mogę napisać, to to, że Navigator 2 jest PERFEKCYJNY

Amazing steer ability


This was our THIRD stroller and first Phil and Teds. My husband fell in love when we has to push it around a field. I love the release handle to stop. We will be using the double seat starting this fall and anticipate it'll be easy and effortless.

Brilliant for busy families!


I was sceptical of the phil and teds at first and wasn't sure of using with a newborn but I have been converted!I adore the navigator, from the multi functions/positions to the brilliant handling (you don't even know your pushing it!) and the awesome brake! we have used with a newborn and two and a half year old, with the snug carrycot it was brilliant so cosy and convenient being able to take baby out without disturbing sleep with the bigger child on the front in the second seat. Now my littlest one is in the main seat and the multi recline is so handy and my two year old loves being able to hop in the bottom when he needs a rest but the very best feature is the brake! Doing the School run with baby and toddler in the buggy and my five year old walking can be tricky at times and being able to stop the buggy so quickly and effectively is brilliant it makes safety at the roadside easy! Only one downside is it isn't really designed for holding a conventional change bag as the weight on handles makes it tip but I love the saddle bags on the side for a day trip and can recommend the shopping basket pack bag for day to day use.

Great user-centred design!


This is a well made, intuitive design that is robust enough for anything I imagine doing with a little person on board. Simple, easy-to-follow instructions and tool free assembly a real bonus. Clearly P&T have invested in design, and it shows. Would like to know a bit more about where/how it is made (consumer ethics are important to me) but otherwise completely recommend this system.

Product queries


I am interested in this stroller & really like the look of the autostop function, however, I have a few queries: when the toddler seat is clipped on the front it moves quite a bit & my toddler rocks back & forward & I don't think it reclines if the toddler was to fall asleep? Also the back of the storage basket seems rather low & items could fall out & it doesn't appear to have much storage when using the double kit on the back? I have emailed my queries via this website & have sometimes had a reply but not to most of them. I'm concerned about the lack support from Phil & Teds nz.

So far love this stroller!


After spending many hours researching the Navigator, I finally decided to give it a try! I have been a fan of Phil and Teds strollers after owning the Sport model, and again I am very pleased with the newer Navigator model. It is very easy to assemble and seems to be well made and durable. I love the hand break. I was worried it might be a pain to hold, but you can slide a clip over it so it feels like a normal handle bar when you are walking. I had read that it was very heavy, but honestly I did not think it was bad lifting it into my SUV. I also really like the reclining second seat and the easy fold.
The only thing that I do not like, is the lack of storage. With one kid the under basket is great, but with the second seat it is hard to fit much when your toddler is riding in it. Phil and Teds does have extra storage accessories though that I am about to try.
All in all, this is a great stroller I would recommend it to anyone!

So so..


Had my Navigator v2 for about 5months now. Can't say I love it! Stroller is awesome to push however it is quite heavy! Hard to put down without scratching as you have to quickly catch handlebar and the most disappointing feature to me is the back of seat (where hood meets top of seat) There is no cover to block the wind when reclined. Terrible!! I purchased the shade and rain cover thats supposed to go there but the buggy has no hooks for cover to hook into along the sides (v1 has hooks along side) so it is pointless! Very unhappy with this as I often have to use a blanket due to a big gaping hole!

Great handle, hard to load in car after folding


My older son is 2 yrs and weighs 27 lbs and my daughter is 2 mo weighs 14 lbs. Stroller handles very well with both kids and other cargos, the auto stop is also great to have. Overall the stroll is very light to push. Once the stroller is folded, I find it awkward to load and unload into and out of the car, also the second seat and the cross bar has to be removed first before folding which adds to the time the load and unload. I am hoping more use and practice will help to reduce the difficulties in loading. Also another safety red flag, my son is with the weight limits for the second seat but the stroller seems to be unstable when the smaller kid is on top and the heavier kid is in the bottom. The stroller almost flipped a couple times when the bottom seat was being loaded.

I'm loving this stroller!!


I received the Navigator stroller in graphite a couple months ago and we are loving it! Previously I have used the more traditional 4 wheel strollers, which have been a pain to steer. I love the 3 wheel design--it makes steering a breeze. I also love that it has the option to add a second seat so that this would work for families that have more than 1 young child.

The auto stop function is pretty neat and works very well. One thing that I really like is that you can adjust the height of the handle. I am average height (5'6") and strollers that I used to use had only one position, which was typically too low for me. Now I can have it at the right height.

My daughter really enjoys using her stroller--she is very comfy and has enjoyed the ride when I walked her brothers to school.

If you need an excellent quality stroller, I highly recommend the navigator.

love love love this stroller!


This stroller is absolutely amazing! The cargo space under the stroller is large and it is easy to get things in and out of it, which is a HUGE plus for me. The sunshade is huge and moveable, so it is easy to cover baby when the sun is in his face. It is a bit bulky but not too heavy and only requires a light touch to push. Love how easy it is to open and close. The hands free braking system is great, and there is also a clasp which can hold the brake down if you don't want to use the hands free system. I have not tried to have my son nap in this stroller yet, but can't wait to try it since the seat can lay flat! Highly recommend this stroller!

Just a test review - ignore this


Just testing - ignore this - I really don't want this going live.

Love it!


I love the slightly higher seat. My little man is quite tall and this works really well for him being slightly more upright. Its really light to push and seemed to just pop over the kerbs really easily. I was really impressed with the new auto stop function. This is a fabulous technology, thanks Phil and Teds for bringing this to us busy parents and allowing ease of use, great safety and extreme comfortableness for my son.

Handles like a dream


On initial viewing it looked as though the brake would take a bit of pressure to squeeze it down but I found it was extremely easy to use and comfortable especially given the material used on the handlebar itself. The handlebar in combination with the red bar gave good grip and I never felt like the buggy was going to slip away from me.It was very light to push.

A very very clever piece of kit


Now that I have a baby and a young child (3.5yrs old) I find I stop a lot more when out on buggy walks - to look at things, help child on and off things and to keep him safe at road crossings etc so I feel very comfortable with the auto stop to keep my baby safe while I was dealing with a distraction provided by my older boy.

Very impressed


It's not unusual for a toddler to run off at the park. At least with the auto stop, there is no brake fumbling before you can shoot after them. We were surprised at how light and manoeuvrable the buggy was with almost 30kg of boys in it. We also like that the double kit is easy to connect, and that the seat tilted back


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