traveller zip-in sun cover

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Zip-in uv sun mesh for your traveller v1 or v2 portacot or travel crib.

Not currently available in this region.


The traveller ™ portacot zip in sun cover is HOT because: 

  • replaces the top mesh that zips into the roof of your traveller v1 or v2
  • top notch uv filtering of 81%
  • protects your child from bugs & rays when snoozing outdoors
  • compatible only with traveller™ v1 or v2 with zip-in top cover 
  • tested to UPF rating of 50+ for sun protection

If you have a current version traveller (traveller 3), you will need to order a toggle-on sun cover

Fits perfectly and sealso off the top great!


We got this to close the top of the crib from bugs and it is perfect. Zips in easily and fits like a glove.

Good fit


I have a baby travel crib that I got hand me down. I was very happy that the zip in sun shade fit, since it is probably an older model. Overall very happy with the travel crib since it's so light and easy to travel with. Now we can take it outside for our infant who can't go in the sun yet.


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