vibe travel bag

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Works just like your golf trundler, or fold buggy wheels away for in-flight pack down.

For any model vibe stroller. This travel bag will accommodate the new vibe strollers, but the new frames are slightly more narrow so the bag will not fit as tightly as this picture depicts. 

Not currently available in this region.


The vibe travel bag is HOT! because:

  • all the protection your inline deserves!
  • works just like a golf trundler with wheels mounted on the outside
  • or remove wheels for in-flight pack down
  • secure, tight fit for ultimate protection
  • essential for airline travel
  • compatible with your vibe buggy

Used it to fly to Spain, it did the job, only just


We bought this to make a holiday trip to Spain so packing the buggy at the gate was a bit more straight forward since there are several separate parts to the buggy. We where slightly dissapointed to find out that it is not designed to fit the buggy with the doubles kit included. We found this a bit pointless since the point of having a double buggy was to have both seat available, not just one. It was rather stressfull trying to get both seats in at the bottom of the plane stairs. We managed it by leaving the zipper partly open. Overall not the quality of design we were expecting.

Good Bag! Nice way to protect your buggy!


Good bag! It would be nice if I could just keep the wheels on while packing the stroller (like the up and away bag for the Sport v2). Also, maybe next time they can design a small window to lock/unlock the wheels during transport/storage. Otherwise, it's a good bag. If you travel frequently, you'll need this bag to maintain the clean look of your buggy!


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