burbuja doble para la lluvia navigator

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Burbuja doble para la lluvia para la silla de paseo navigator (vale para otros modelos de sillita)

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¡La burbuja para la lluvia navigator MOLA! porque:

  • deja que te arriesgues a salir, ¡haga el tiempo que haga!
  • diseño inteligente hecho a medida para que corra el aire y transpire
  • impermeable: ¡que la amenaza de lluvias no te pare!
  • seco y no se empaña: ¡imagínate!
  • cubre el asiento principal y el double kit
  • compatible con los siguientes modelos de silla de paseo:
    • navigator
    • dash
    • sport
    • explorer
    • classic v2
    • s3
    • e3 v2
    • s4
  • double sun cover - navigator

    protector solar doble navigator

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Keeps them dry!


I have had no problem with the cover but have seen many bad reviews. Fits my old phil and ted e3 buggy perfect (I have a new navigator hood) and keeps my too little ones dry and cosy. Comes in a very handy little bag that you can attach to the buggy too.

Poor fitting


This came with my buggy, however it is a poor fit for the buggy, it only takes a little bit of wind and it is blown off. It needs better fasting to the buggy.

Easy fit!


We have the e3 stroller and the double weather guard was an easy fit. I'm quickly able to get it on and off (although putting it in its storage bag may be another story :) )



I bought this product after adding a second seat to my navigator. I'm so disappointed with it! When the second seat is reclined it does not reach the back of the seat at all meaning my son gets soaked. The back drapes and does not clip anywhere so when windy collapses in on its self again meaning my son is exposed to wind and rain. The front Velcro strap is of poor quality and is a struggle to do up fully when stretched over the pram, this also means it's easily kicked off. A complete waste of money!
I would not have given even a one star rating had there been the option!



i wish this were compatible with the promenade it would make my life so much easier. dealing with 2 kids is pretty tough already, so having to take off 2 plastics and put them on is very time consuming. please help if anyone has any suggestions

Very poor design


I agree with the other comments on here regarding the poor fit. My son sits on the seat at the front and can easily stick his feet out onto the cover which then rips the velcro apart. I also worry about how close the cover gets to his face! I constantly feel the need to check him. My 7 week old daughter who is lying down is hardly protected from the wind and rain. Very disappointing. Very poor design.



Just received yesterday, and it doesn't fit! Too short to fit over the front point... Not sure what to do here. It rains a lot here in the fall/winter :(

Does anyone have any suggestions for other covers that would fit this stroller? I think we'll have to return this.

What a joke!

Good but could be improved


I have used this many times to keep out the rain and the wind. It is useful to block the wind chill here in Canada. I have used it during an intense downpour and my daughter remained dry. The flaws are the velcro at the back is not great at keeping a hanging bag dry as it is difficult to get it done up all the way. It seems that more fabric would be better. Further, water can go through the areas that wrap around the handle bars and drop down on the things below i.e. a possible second child. Finally the cover doesn't fit right unless the sun shade is against the frame. For example if I move it forward towards my child's feet so I can see her head the cover doesn't fit correctly.

Badly designed and baby gets wet


What a waste of money. Does not do what it says and my youngest gets wet even in vertical rain (let alone if there is even the slightest bit of wind). When he was very little the plastic even got stuck over his face which is obviously a worrying suffocation risk. previous models of this cover had attachments to hold it in place at the back but there are none on this model, and the plastic is not even long enough at the back. Phil and teds have been extremely unhelpful when I have raised this with them and I wish I had never bought any of their products.

Useless but no other option available for cover


I read the previous reviews about how bad the fit was for this cover and the Navigator, however you have no other choice but to buy as there is no other product on the market to fit this buggy.

The velcro fastenings at the front are not long enough to get a good hold and will part as soon as your toddler lefts their feet or there is a wind.

It also does not correctly fit over the hood and around the brake mechanism at the handle bar, so you can tell is a one to fit all models rather then purposely made for the navigator - which would have been better.

Also, I'm not sure the makers even attempted to go outside and test the cover when the buggy is in double mode. It flaps around the bottom sit hitting the child in the head and drenching them in rain. Useless as a double, although it says it is the double storm cover.

It's a real disappointment, as you have to buy this for the pram and are let down, to the point I choose not to go out in bad weather as spend the whole journey correcting the cover.

As a fix I'm buying the sun hood for the double kit and extra plastic sheeting from hardware store and hoping I can rectify I fix myself. More cost on the top of a costly storm cover.

Disappointing Phil and Ted - you need to look at the Mountain Buggy examples and bring that over to the Phil and Ted range, as they work great.

Not fit for purpose. Felt like a horrible mother!


I'd give this zero stars if I could.
I felt awful with my 19 month old on top, with her feet poking out in a sudden downpour, getting soaked through as it won't stay hooked on at the front, and my poor 5 month old underneath basically getting rain dripped on her head, slapped in the face with the rain cover, and generally in tears. Very stressful.

Not great overall


On the plus side, it's a nice thick material that seems it will stand up to rough conditions. On the minuses: the cover is so bulky I'm unlikely to bring it with me unless it's raining when I leave because it takes up so much storage space. I agree with the PP that the fit isn't great. I also don't have front snaps (maybe the cover is for the Navigator, as I have a Navigator II?) and when the second seat is reclined the cover doesn't fully reach the bottom of that seat. My poor son gets pelted with side rain. I'm considering ways to rig the cover to have it better meet our needs.

Nav raincover


Nav rain cover don't bother try the verve raincover the Velcro straps under the footwell keeps in place even through winds and hail

Not very impressed


Unless I'm missing something this raincover is useless. It holds at the front with a Velcro strip which my two-year-old kicked off straight away and my poor baby at the back had the cover flapping around in her face because I can't see it attaches to the back seat to hold it in place.

Don't buy this product !


I bought this so my kids would stay dry, but oh...When I use it as a double stroller, my baby at the back just plays with it because you can't even fix it on the stroller. So it rains on her. It doesn't fit on the front either, you just wish that it's not gonna wind too much! My 2 years old (on the front) can easily push on it with her feet, if I try to attach it she will tare it appart. It's not big enough. For the price paid, not worth it at all.



I live in windy Scotland and this rain cover has two snaps on the front but my Phil & Ted Navigator has no where to snap it to. I just have to drape the rain cover over the front and hope the wind doesn't blow the cover up. Seems like there is a fault in the design. I wish the rain cover was as good as the BOB Revolution's rain cover. This is the only flaw I've seen in this stroller. I love it otherwise.

Easy to assemble


Bought this a few weeks ago and fits on my Explorer pram no problem. Love the Velcro traps, but would have preferred the strap at the front to be the fasteners (as per sun cover) to clip onto to pram.
Loving that I know both my cheeky monkeys will be nice and dry when it rains!

Doesnt stay on the front of the pram properly!


It doesnt really stay on the front of the pram near the front wheelthe valcro keeps comjng undone

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