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¡Come en marcha! Bandeja para la silla de paseo para tu comiloncete.

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¡La bandeja para la silla de paseo MOLA! porque:

  • ¡come en marcha en la silla de paseo!
  • se sujeta con cremallera a la barra de protección delantera: comidita al alcance de la manita del bebé
  • base profunda para que no se salga la comida
  • base resistente
  • tejido que se limpia con un trapo

Compatible con los siguientes modelos de silla de paseo:

  • classic y red classic antigua
  • sport 
  • dash
  • hammerhead
  • explorer
  • s3
  • s4
  • DOT
  • navigator

  • bottle holder - hero

    portabotellas universal

  • parcel tray pack cell

    shop & drop

    parcel tray pack cell
  • black hangbag caddy

    estuche para el manillar de la silla de pa...

    más espacio para guardar cosas

Not what i expected


I bought this as it looked like a solid deacend sized tray.but its not !!!!! Its a soft folding pocked thing. Not possible to put anything on top, you can put some craker in a pocket thets it. Not satify at all.

Not great sippy cup holder


This really isn't that great of a product. It is to flimsy and doesn't hold a small sippy cup very well. Would be great if you all would deisgn a plastic tray holder.

Useless, holds nothing, gets in the way


I ordered this when I ordered the double navigator. It is a tray by definition, but it's completely useless. Its fabric, so it moves around the bumper bar and collapses in on itself. Once readjusted (every single time we use the stroller), it can hold a snack cup, but not well. A sippy cup just falls out. The WORST part of this though, is that it makes getting my almost 3 year old AS WELL AS my 8 month old in and out of the stroller exponentially more difficult. It leaves very little room between the snack tray and the seat of the stroller and feet have to be very strategically threaded through a small gap, which takes unnecessary time and is really frustrating, especially when snowy/muddy boots are involved. I'd like a refund, but didn't keep the packaging to send it back. Phil&Teds! Make a hard plastic snack tray that replaces the bumper bar! AND better yet, make it pivot out like the city select, which is what I sold in favour of this stroller. The whole set up with the bumper bar is wildly inconvenient.

so handy!


Fantastic design, tilts towards the child so that the food does not fall and folds up with pram so no need for removal. great price. Love it!

Works great!


I bought this for my Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan stroller and it velcros perfectly around the lap bar. I can put my baby's snacks into the holder and she can help herself. Love it!
The only con is that I have to remove it when I attach the Cosy Toes for colder days.

doesn't hold a thing


I bought this and never even used it once. It doesn't really hold anything upright and everything falls over, or out.

Didnt fit properly and poor quality


Recieved the other day and very disappointed...after having a nightmare trying to update an e3v2 I was misold as an newer model I was hoping this would cover a damaged bumper bar, however it's too wide and so sits at such an angle that everything falls out as it's on a feel and lots of loose stitching and stray threads...will hopefully be returning, someone really needs to check with each model before declaring something universal

Universal food tray


Valco is used to attach the tray, not a zip.
My child has a DOT pushchair. She is two years old and on the 25th percentile for her weight (so is not a big child).
When she is strapped in the pushchair and the tray is attached there is not much room for her to put her drink or food in her tray, as her strap buckel is pressing right up against the tray. She is quite squished. I was quite disappointed with this product when used with our pushchair.



I prefer a polrabte chair like this one, because we travel quite a bit. Not only can I use this at home with our regular table, but I can throw it in the car to take to my parents or my in law's house for a visit. Love it!

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