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TS26 - phil&teds, Mountain Buggy, Maxi-Cosi y Cybex

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No hace falta molestar al bebé: con este adaptador para la silla del coche puedes acoplar y rodar. Pasa la silla para el coche del coche a la sillita y viceversa.

*Ten en cuenta que este es el TS26 actualizado

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¡El sistema combinado MOLA! porque:

  • permite pasar la silla para el coche del coche a la sillita de paseo sin molestar al bebé
  • la silla para el coche se acopla a la silla de paseo con un solo "clic"
  • viene con una práctica bolsa
  • compatible con las siguientes sillas para el coche:
    • alpha de phil&teds
    • protect de Mountain Buggy
    • CabrioFix de Maxi-Cosi
    • Pebble de Maxi-Cosi
    • Mico de Maxi-Cosi
    • Aton de Cybex
  • acopla estas sillas para el coche a los siguientes modelos de silla de paseo:
    • black classic
    • hammerhead
    • explorer
    • s3
    • s4
    • DOT
    • navigator

¿Tienes dudas? ¡Encuentra el adaptador para la silla del coche que necesitas!

*Ten en cuenta que el TS26 es incompatible con la silla de paseo dash



I've been very happy with my other Phil and Teds purchases and their customer service has been excellent any time I've needed it; however this product did not meet my expectations. It seems flimsy when installed and requires extra positioning and stabilization each time to attach the car seat (I have the Navigator 2 stroller and a Maxi Cosi car seat). In addition they have now put a weight limit of only 22lbs on it! Even with a particularity light car seat, that means I can only use it for my child until she is about 15lbs even though the car seat is rated higher. I would expect better from what has otherwise been a great company!

Easy install, easy use!


this has been a life saver in the gym! Easy to install, easy to use.

Useful but very Wobbly


I bought this a month ago from smiths city. Using it with my phil & teds alpha car seat and navigator autostop pram. It is a very useful accessory in the sense I can move my baby from the car to the pram and carry on without disturbing her.But it seems very unsteady and the capsule is shaky all the time seems a bit scary,I wish there was something to support the base as well.

Great adaptor


This adaptor is great, it turned my stroller into a snap n go!! There are some adaptors out there for this stroller that involve strapping the car seat into the stroller and they looked very complicated, but this was easy to install, I am even able to fold it up and put it in my van with out removing the adaptor. This is a must buy!


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