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TS15 - phil&teds, Mountain Buggy y Maxi-Cosi

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No hace falta molestar al bebé: con este adaptador para la silla del coche puedes acoplar y rodar. Pasa la silla para el coche a la sillita y viceversa.

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¡El sistema combinado MOLA! porque:

  • permite pasar la silla para el coche del coche a la sillita de paseo sin molestar al bebé
  • la silla para el coche se acopla a la silla de paseo smart con un solo "clic"
  • compatible con los siguientes modelos de silla para el coche:
    • alpha de phil&teds
    • protect de Mountain Buggy
    • CabrioFix de Maxi-Cosi
    • Pebble de Maxi-Cosi

¿Tienes dudas? ¡Encuentra el adaptador para la silla del coche que necesitas!

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I bought this for my maxi-cosi mico car seat to adapt on my smart stroller. I called customer service to make sure that it's compatible and although it does click into the car seat - it's not at a good angle for my baby - and it is very very difficult to get the car seat off once you've put it on. It almost feels hazardous because it's a struggle to get the car seat off the stroller. So think about this - mom, baby, car and parking lot. Mom struggling with car seat, baby crying - people waiting for parking spot. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Needless to say, I hope I can return it and get a refund. My Britax stroller and car seat may not be attractive like the smart stroller combined with the mico carseat but it's reliable and I am able to get my baby on and off the stroller and into my car with no problems.


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