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lote de piezas para ruedas

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¡Ármate hasta los dientes para enfrentarte a todo lo que el loco mundo de los padres te traiga!

Ten este accesorio salvavidas a mano para seguir sobre ruedas y ahorra un 25 % sobre el precio de tienda.

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En el lote de piezas para las ruedas vienen:

  • 3 neumáticos de recambio
  • 3 cámaras de aire de recambio
  • 2 ejes de recambio



Be aware that even though the spoked wheel is pictured in the ad, it IS NOT included with this package. It's sold separately at 40 bucks each! The picture is misleading. I misunderstood that the axel was only the silver rod that the wheel attaches to. UGH! 3 weeks after ordering this I finally received the package but my stroller is still broken!

I ordered them, they came to me quickly, they work


I ordered them, they came to me quickly, they work


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