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promenade and smart lux front wheel

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Replacement front wheel for your promenade or smart lux buggy.

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This front wheel can be replaced using the end of a strong paper clip or similar sized tool. You will need to push the tool into the wee hole on the inside of the black plastic holder that links your front wheel to the buggy frame. You will need to push hard enough to depress a small nib spring on the steel stem, this will release the wheel.

  • Last chance! PT-PPFSEAT5__.jpg

    promenade front seat

  • Last chance! PT-PPTRAY__.jpg

    promenade parcel tray

  • Last chance! PT-PPFSH__.jpg

    promenade front sunhood

  • Last chance! PT-PPRWHEEL__.jpg

    promenade rear wheel

  • promenade/ vibe/ verve rear wheel guards

    rear wheel guards

  • Last chance! promenade rear facing clip set

    promenade rear facing clip set



I live in Dublin and found the whole process of getting new wheels very frustrating.

I bought the Phil & Ted's Promenade from Tony Kealy's in Walkinstown. The front wheels are not particularly good and leaves get trapped between the wheels and mudguards all the time. Our Promenade's wheels were knocked out of alignment and regularly got stuck. So I decided to get new wheels. Tony Kealy's told me it would take 4 weeks or more to get new wheels. I went on to your website and found I could order the wheels and have them dispatched promptly. I rang Tony Kealy's who told me that yes, this was true and I was "better off ordering them myself" because they would not get them as fast as I could. I find that hard to believe. I wasted time and effort on all of this (I'm giving you the abridged version). I did order the wheels and had to drop them out to Tony Kealy's and have them fit them. All took way too long. The new wheels are again sticking and jamming in the ground and I'm hoping it's just autumn leaves. All in all not a great experience.

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