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rueda trasera de 30 cm

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Rueda trasera de recambio para tu silla de paseo phil&teds.

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Esta rueda viene completamente montada con su llanta, neumático, cámara de aire y rodamientos. El eje que conecta la rueda con el chasis de la silla se vende aparte. La rueda es compatible con los siguientes modelos de silla de paseo:

  • classic y red classic antigua
  • classic twin
  • sport v1 y v2
  • hammerhead
  • explorer
  • navigator
  • dash

Rear wheel blowout . . .


I have had nothing but good to say about this stroller, it is WONDERFUL and I would NEVER even consider getting a different one, that said, I must share a remarkable story, the reason for my having to replace a rear wheel and axel. I was pumping up the tires yesterday and read that on the outside of the tire it says max. 35 PSI . . . the gauge on my pump said 25 when there was a loud POP and the inner tube had cracked the plastic wheel casing and the inner tube was shredded! Upon further investigation I realized that on the inside of the wheel itself it read "Max 25 PSI"!!! Anyway, thats my story and why I rated this particular part 2 stars. Some uniformity in max PSI would have prevented this disaster. Thanks for having replacement parts readily available. I am still VERY pleased with our Phil and Teds experience overall.


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