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silla de paseo compacta smart lux

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Una silla de paseo lujosa y compacta que se abre paso en todo tipo de terreno.

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¡La silla de paseo smart lux MOLA! porque tiene:

  • estilo y funcionalidad en una silla de paseo de lujo
  • compatible con sillas para el coche (si se usan los adaptadores smart lux para la silla del coche )
  • asiento convertible con 3 modos:
    • posición tumbada para recién nacidos
    • mirando hacia atrás para intimar e irse conociendo
    • mirando hacia adelante cuando el bebé está listo para mirar al mundo
  • surca las calles con sus neumáticos hinchables y 4 ruedas con suspensión.
  • 21 configuraciones para el recién nacido y hasta que pese 20 kg
  • estrecha: solo mide 55 cm; y ligera: solo pesa 11,9 kg
  • plegado telescópico y compacto con bloqueo automático del chasis
  • asiento con tela lujosa, afelpada y estriada
  • barra de protección delantera de elegante cuero sintético
  • capota grande con filtrado de rayos UV, cremallera para prolongar la malla y ventanita para ver al bebé
  • gran cesta en la que caben 5 kg de cosas del bebé
  • freno de pie por pedal fácil de activar
  • acopla el capazo smart lux y tendrás una sillita con capazo

Amazing Stroller


I'm so happy with this stroller. It's lightweight, easy to use, and really grows from birth to toddler with your family. It is so easy to maneuver and I always get other moms coming up to me and asking what stroller this is. I could not be happier!

Love this stroller!


This is the best stroller. The bassinet feature is great (especially because there is not an extra piece to store). I am 5 foot 2 and my husband is 6 foot 2 and the height works for both of us. I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone!

The absolute best!


Someone once told me that one of the most difficult baby product decisions you’ll have as a new parent is picking a stroller. They couldn’t have been more right! I have truly purchased nearly 12 strollers over the past 4 years for my children and none of them checked every box for me and my 6’4” husband. The Smart Lux is amazing! As soon as I opened the box I was amazed how quickly and easy it was to assemble. In addition I absolutely fell in love with the design, the ease of use and the way it truly glides on air. I love that you don’t need to by the individual seats but that it adapts to your child’s growth with its seating positions. The simple to use buckles that transform the seat and the “one finger” layback are genius. Lastly, another great design aspect is that my husband is able to push the stroller without kicking the back tires/bars or slouching to reach the handle bar! This stroller is genuinely one of a kind!



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The Smart Lux stroller still amazes me. It is the all in one stroller. I know a lot of products claim this but this stroller will prove it over and over. Let me start off by saying how easy it was to assemble. I always have my husband assemble everything that needs to be put together, but I gave it a try and it was so easy I had the stroller up and ready to go in less than 5 min.s. The quality of the stroller is one of the best if not the best I've seen on the market. The design is great I love the way it looks. Its super easy to collapse and put in the car. I have a new born and I was able to put my little munchkin and stroller in the car without any struggle (its light weight too). Since I have a newborn I wanted to ride to be ask comfortable as possible and the Smart Lux does NOT fail. I love the fact that the stroller can do 21 riding positions but I love the bassinet. It was just perfect for my newborn especially since we went on a trip to Cailfornia. The Smart Lux made the whole airport experience so much better. My little boy slept like he was at home. It truly is the best stroller on the market!


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