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silla de paseo smart negra

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La silla de paseo smart™ es compacta y viene completamente equipada para facilitarte (¿o deberíamos decir facilitarte aún más?) la vida de ciudad con tu bebé. La smart™ se adapta a los cuatro modos que necesitas en una silla de paseo desde el nacimiento hasta que el niño tenga 4 años: con capazo peanut, con silla para el coche, con el asiento girado para que el bebé vaya mirándote, y finalmente, con el asiento configurado para que el niño vea el mundo. La smart™ tiene un asiento aerocore exclusivo, blandito y esponjoso para dar una comodidad máxima, y es hipoalergénico, transpirable, aislante, resistente a los rayos UV, impermeable y no tóxico, y además se limpia fácilmente pasándole un trapo. Su plegado es telescópico y queda supercompacta; es tan estrecha que se escurre por espacios pequeños: la smart™ es la silla de paseo urbana perfecta.

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¡La silla de paseo smart MOLA! porque:
  • es superadaptable: compatible con la silla para el coche (con adaptador para la silla del coche )
  • asiento aerocore almohadillado, con buen soporte, y amoldado al cuerpo
  • asiento reversible con los adaptadores verso para smart (¡vienen incluidos!)
  • plegado telescópico optimizado con un solo movimiento deslizante
  • superportátil y ligera: solo pesa 8 kg
  • ancho: 55,8 cm
  • dimensiones plegada sin ruedas: 75 x 45 x 20 cm
  • apta desde los 6 meses hasta los 4 años, o carga del asiento máxima de 20 kg



My nana purchased this product for me and her great grandson, only to find it's been the worst pushchair we could of brought. First the break clicks constantly without being on. Then after my son got too long for the peanut carrycot I put him in the smart seat to face me, and realised NO verso adapters had been included like phil and teds had stated they would be. Now a screw has fallen out if the canopy and it's fully broken. All this after only being used 4 months. Not the quality I wanted at all. Phil and teds are not making it any easier for me to return it either!!!! READ THE REVIEWS NOT ON THIS SITE YOU WILL GET A BETTER IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE LETTING YOUR SELF IN FOR!

Absolutely useless!!!


DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS RETAILER. They took more than two months to ship my products, not to mention when my product arrived the verso adapters that claim to be included where not! Now I am currently trying to return my product as the break sticks on and off and all phil and teds can do is send me a photo of instructions. Do not waste your time and money on it you'll end up having to return it.

Love it!!


Just received my smart stroller and am in love with it. I was scared of one thing when waiting for it to be shipped and that was the height of the stroller.....when it came it was the perfect size (I am 5'8 by the way). My only complaint upon admiring this stroller is the sunshade. The sunshade is very thin and a nylon type of material and I can see that it already has a few tiny holes in the fabric. I think there should be a tougher more durable option of sunshade for this model in the same bright colors. That is my only complaint otherwise the stroller is stunning! can't wait to get her out and about in it =D


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