The phil&teds smart has a fresh new look, really taking it apart from their usual style. Rather than a rounded frame, the squared off finish on the chassis gives it a chunky and robust appearance. It's still only 57cm wide though, making it great for the shops.

pushchairexpert ( UK)

Mel Zgomba

It was love at first sight for my daughter and the new phil&teds smart buggy. Just a glimpse of the raspberry buggy sitting in my car boot was enough to cue the “buggy buggy buggy” chant and tears until I took it out of the car. As far as little miss (almost 2 years) was concerned it was “her buggy”. I’d claim it too, it’s a gorgeous little buggy! 

The new smart buggy is “smart” in looks and functionality. I love the sleek back frame, white wheel rims and popping raspberry colour of the seat and hood. It’s the kind of buggy that you feel good when you push it. It’s like showing off a fancy new handbag. You push it with pride! 

The seat is made from super cushy materials that make for a lovely padded seat. It’s a generous sized seat with plenty of room for dolly to go for a ride too. Even my tall four year old can sit comfortably in the smart. That’s impressive for a compact buggy! It also has a large gear tray that can easily fit a full nappy bag and your shopping bags.

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Mel Zgomba ( Wellington )

I like to think I am an active mom but as an active mom of two packing a jogging stroller plus all the extra baggage of two kids is not practical anymore. And with the many upcoming trips this summer we had planned, bringing our jogging stroller means less room for everything else. 

I don’t know how else to say it but all my problems of convenience and space were solved. The features that I was most impressed by were the: compactness, hand parking brake, adjustable handle, extra large 50+ UPF canopy, roomy seat, newborn lie flat mode, and effortless folding process. There were many other  features  that come with this stroller but those were the top ones for me.

Ryanne & Hannah ( Canada)