foam handle grip

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Replacement foam cover for the handle of your stroller. This part is the foam grip only.

This product has been discontinued - once we've sold the last, it's gone for good (we're sorry!).

Actualmente no está disponible en esta región.


You can replace the foam grip of your handle by saturating the grip in soapy water (washing up liquid is ideal!), then sliding it on over the steel of your handle.

This part is a perfect fit for your sport stroller, and can also be used to replace the grip (but is not a perfect fit) on the following stroller models:

  • e3 v1 & v2 
  • legacy red classic 

Unable to install


The foam I purchased was difficult to install. After removing the handle of the buggy another part of the handle needed separation for foam to slip on. This part was joined with rivets (not screws). Revets are not easy to remove and require special equipment. If I have known this I wouldn't have purchased the item.

Replacement handle cover


This was a Prompt delivery, fitted easily on the handle myself

Great handle cover, hard to replace


The handle cover/grip I ordered is fabulous on the stroller. It was extremely difficult to get on the handle, however. To replace, you need to find the two screws on each side of the handle bar (totaling 4 screws). After removing srews, a good tug will pull the handle bar out of the stroller. I cut the old foam grip off, and, as for the new one, I soaked it in hot soapy water, as was recommended online. Even then, it was super hard to get on. I finally found that twisting the foam and simultaneously pushing it up and around the handle bar did the trick. Just remember to twist, but still plan for some serious effort.

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