kit de modos poppy (2020+)

phil&teds poppy modes kit accessory shown in use on a dining chair and as a floor seat_assorted
two kids showing the versatile adaptability of the poppy™ modes kit, allowing attachment to a dining chair or converting to a floor seat for your baby
phil&teds poppy modes kit showing included items_assorted
phil&teds poppy modes kit feet shown on poppy high chair base used as a floor seat_assorted

kit de modos poppy (2020+)





¡No hay necesidad de comprar más soluciones de asientos en casa! Con el práctico kit de modos dandy puede transformar su amapola ™ (2020 +) o amapola ™ madera en un asiento elevador O una silla de piso - ahorrándole precioso espacio y dinero!

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$15.99 USD

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“Simple assembly, quick clean and our little one loves having the big tray to eat off/mess up!”

- Jillian

winning features
boostify your poppy seat safely!
get closer to the food or the fun!
unleash the potential of poppy!
Fabric materials
nylon webbing strap, plastic feet
Product weight
Safety certified
EN 16120:2012 + A2:2016
ASTM F2640-18 (16 CFR 1237)

Setting up your poppy™ modes kit (2020+) is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!

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