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Mountain Buggy goes bananas for special edition print

15 June 2016

news release

Award winning juvenile products company, Mountain Buggy, has launched a special edition print celebrating the ninth of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.
The Monkeys amongst chrysanthemums print is available worldwide and was designed in collaboration with local Wellington artist, Gwilym Devey.

“It was a true team effort,” says Chief Executive, Campbell Gower. “Having done business in China for 15 years, we understood the importance of the Chinese zodiac. Because of this, we worked closely with our Chinese staff, focusing on how to best represent the year of the monkey.

“By considering the animal’s intelligence and love for adventure - combined with their prosperous colours of white and gold - we were able to create a sophisticated print that not only appeals to our Chinese friends, but also fans of wonderfully arresting textile design.”

The result is a playful yet fashion forward print, featuring monkeys and their lucky flower - the chrysanthemum.
“It brings a spirited, fun feel to some of our already much-loved Mountain Buggy products.”
He says a major trend the buggy business is currently experiencing is a want for exclusive product.
“This one off print fills that need but also stays true to the brand’s heritage: engineered for the mountains, designed for the city.”
Monkeys amongst chrysanthemums is the latest special edition release since the established launch of Mountain Buggy’s urban jungle luxury range, winner of an internationally acclaimed Red Dot design award.
In the quarter following the prestigious award announcement, urban jungle luxury sales increased 177%.
Additionally, average monthly sales grew 60% in the year following the win, while distribution was gained in nine new sales markets.
“The value of special edition juvenile products is evident - and is why our current 2015 range was built off the luxury’s award-winning design platform.”
Mr Gower says this new print is no monkey business; offering customers the best of both worlds.
“Buggies delivering superior form, function and design, combined with a creative, iconic style. That’s what sets Mountain Buggy apart.”
The Monkeys amongst chrysanthemums print can be selected when purchasing swift, duet and urban jungle buggies online - in addition to the Red Dot award winning nano, Mountain Buggy’s only compact travel buggy and top performing push category product.
Colour packs may also be purchased separately and applied to current models.
Visit mountainbuggy.com for more details.