burbuja doble para la lluvia navigator

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Burbuja doble para la lluvia para la silla de paseo navigator (vale para otros modelos de sillita)

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¡La burbuja para la lluvia navigator MOLA! porque:

  • deja que te arriesgues a salir, ¡haga el tiempo que haga!
  • diseño inteligente hecho a medida para que corra el aire y transpire
  • impermeable: ¡que la amenaza de lluvias no te pare!
  • seco y no se empaña: ¡imagínate!
  • cubre el asiento principal y el double kit
  • compatible con los siguientes modelos de silla de paseo:
    • navigator
    • dash
    • sport
    • explorer
    • classic actual
    • s3
    • e3 v2
    • s4
  • double sun cover - navigator

    protector solar doble navigator

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Brilliant thanx


I am pleased that I went for the original an not a knock off

Do NOT buy it


I am not sure how the photos on the website have been made indeed I can promise you that the rain cover is really too small to cover both the front and the back sits.

I thought that buying original part directly from manufacture (and by that paying the part more) I would have been provided a good worth of...instead I am really disappointed

I really discourage you to buy this rain cover if you are aiming to cover a double stroller

Doesn't fit


I bought this as a double cover for my sport buggy and when I tried to use it I actually thought maybe I'd accidentally ordered the single cover until I got home and double checked. It's just not big enough to cover both seats and still do up at the back and it's also short at the front and doesn't attach on properly to keep it in place. I'm really disappointed as I've always used phil & teds buggy's and found the old style double rain cover very good, now I've got to try and find another double cover that actually fits and pay out again, after a very wet school run today, which I'm not happy about.

Good but could be GREAT!


I finally had the chance to use this today since the fall weather has rolled in. Over all it is a great fit but I bought it specifically for being a double cover and the velcro around the back seat only fits on one side. The plastic needs another inch or 2 for a perfect fit in the back. It wasn't raining hard today so it worked fine but when the rain begins to pour I'm sure it will get inside. The front part for the front rider needs more material with a tighter elastic to hold it into place but the extra material to help it go on easier. Also, it would be nice to have a velco opening on the side so it would be easy to had something to the front child without having to go through the velco opening in the back. I did like that it fit around the handle bars for ease of pushing. Overall it works well but could make a few tweaks to make it great!!

Fantastic quality!


Bought raincover for v5 sport and love it. Its a great quality. My advice to buy from phil&teds. Thank you very much. I am very very happy with my purchase. :)

Didn't fit properly....


I have a pre 2008 version of Phil&Ted's double buggy and although the old storm cover had lasted 8 years it is now on its last legs. I contacted Phil&Ted's directly to seer what they had and they said this wound fit. Unfortunately it doesn't. It didnt cover the buggy so the children would still get wet. I've reverted to gaffer tape for now.

Double raincover


Having recently bought a new sports autostop we bought the double raincover to compliment our pram. We have owned many phil and teds over the years. Adore the brand. Top quality product. Easy product to use and if replacements are needed customer services are fantastic and always find a solution.



Yes I bought this for my Phil n Ted Sport double buggy and its perfect. Great quality. Super fast delivery.

Way over cost for what it is


It's ok as in it keeps baby dry, but there is a couple things that they need to change. The bit that goes around bottom by front wheel is useless and when wind comes along the front lifts right up ☹️ there needs to be a zip in front making it easier to get baby in & out of

Not happy


Purchased a double rain cover for the sport buggie with hand brake it stated could be used for single and double only to red on the box that the single option is not compatible for my stroller. When the double option is in use there is no where to attach the cover to the seat even worse when the second seat height can be adjusted blowing the cover up in the wind. also for the second seat There are no tye downs for the side of the pram
and doesn't help that the pastle tray has mesh side, yes yah kid still gets wet while the child in the main seat is dry and toastie warm. not happy with cover and overall pram.

Easy to use


I bought this a few months ago and it has proved as good as in the description easy to attach to sport buggy and provides excellent wind and rain protection. Very happy with product

Doesn't fit


The cover struggles to fit my navigator and the velcro won't stay done up. I find I have to move the whole thing forward to get it to stay done up at the front and then it doesn't cover the 2nd seat.

Replacement double buggy rain over


I was really irritated that I lost the cover when out walking on a trip to Thomasland - we live in Ireland and need a raincover !! I thought replacement would be both expensive and hard to source - it was neither. With me in four days and sadly despite it now being August in Ireland, it's in frequent use! Great service, great product

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