protector solar individual navigator

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Protector de malla individual contra los rayos UV para la silla de paseo navigator (vale para otros modelos de sillita)

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 ¡El protector solar navigator MOLA! porque tiene:

  • malla hecha a medida para filtrar los rayos UV
  • previene que al bebé le aturda el sol, y protege de bichos y rayos
  • únicamente cubre el asiento principal
  • viene con pantalla incluida para proteger al bebé mientras va tumbado
  • compatible con los siguientes modelos de silla de paseo:
    • navigator
    • sport 2015
    • explorer
    • classic actual
    • s3
    • s4
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Not as awesome as i hoped


I am a bit dissapointed in this sunshade. We upgraded our hood so needed to upgrade the sunshade and i think it is no where near as thick as our last one as my daughter tosses and turn with the amount of light coming in. Definatly not as good a quality as the orginal dash cover

So easy to use


The front is very easy to use. You just zip it onto the hood. The back, however, not so sure about. Could have been better

Incompatible with Navigator 2.0


A great product, letting air through well and protects perfectly from the sun. Unfortunately it seems to be incompatible with the Navigator 2.0 sun hood! The hood has a zip on the front to attach the sun/storm cover, but the suncover we received doesn't feature the other half of the zip.
Generally I recommend Phil&Teds but I'd make sure the person I recommend to knows about this issue.
We make do with clothes pegs but it's a serious downside. Too busy to get it exchanged with the online store.

Perfect for those sunny day strolls!


Love love love this product so good to have when im out in the garden with my new born to keep the sun off him.

Love, love , love


I bought this and used it for my little one in the summer and the winter it was great in the summer because it helped keep the sun off of her but I even loved it in the winter because it helped with the wind and every time I would reach in and check on her she was nice and warm..I never had any of the problems that were mentioned and have gotten many compliments on my stroller especially with shade attached. I highly recommend this

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