asiento que mira hacia atrás face-to-face

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Un asiento para la silla de paseo que mira hacia atrás y se acopla a tu silla phil&teds favorita. Deja que os vayáis conociendo bien en esa etapa de desarrollo tan importante para el bebé comprendida entre el momento en que ya no cabe en el capazo o silla para el coche, y el momento en que esté listo para ir mirando al mundo.


*Utiliza la capota para darle sombra al bebé, y las almohadillas del arnés para que vaya cómodo.

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¡El asiento que mira hacia atrás MOLA! porque:

  • deja que el bebé te vaya mirando, así intimáis y os vais conociendo mientras paseáis
  • tejido duradero de poliéster 600D que se limpia con un trapo
  • se reclina a 45 grados: el mismo ángulo que el de la silla para el coche
  • se acopla fácilmente a la mayoría de las sillas de paseo phil&teds mediante los enganches
  • se acopla perfectamente a la silla de paseo navigator y DOT v2 (enganches incluidos)
  • compatible con el modelo actual de las sillas de paseo classic * y s4** ( los enganches se venden aparte )
  • también es compatible con los modelos antiguos de las sillas de paseo explorer, hammerhead, s3, sport y red classic de phil&teds** ( los enganches se venden aparte )
  • arnés de seguridad de 5 puntos
  • apto para una carga máxima de 9 kg
  • viene con patas extraíbles para usarlo como asiento sobre superficies cuando no esté acoplado a la sillita
  • compatible con las burbujas para la lluvia y los protectores solares individuales navigator


*con el face-to-face no se puede utilizar las capotas fijas de la classic y modelos antiguos. Tendrás que cambiar la capota por su versión actual (que es orientable), usar el face-to-face con el parasol para sillitas shade stick , ¡o prescindir de la capota!

**El asiento de tela debe permanecer puesto al usar el asiento face-to-face en cualquier sillita que no sea la navigator.

Great features, key elements missing .


I bought this a few weeks ago, delighted to discover that P+T had brought out a rear facing seat, as I was about to sell mine for a different pram as my 10 month old baby is far happier facing me. Love it, easy to assemble and disassemble, but wish it could go into a reclining position and fit larger than 20lb babies. As this gives it a relatively short life span. However, very happy that this will work with a toddler also in tow.

Love it!


So happy I was able to adapt my phil and Ted pram to rear face I love being able to see my boy and talk to him while out and about. The only downfall is the weight limit only 9kgs as my boy is a porker and won't be in it long!



I have the original vibe atroller, will this work with an adapter?

Great Seat for Inquisitive Baby


My baby is very nosey and was getting really unhappy in the bassinet where she couldn't see out. It was getting to the point where we could go anywhere in the pram. However, once I brought this seat, she has been so much happier as she can look out and about. I also love the seat because I can look at her and interact with her, even with the sunshade over her. This wasn't possible in the bassinet because I always needed to keep her fully covered up out of the sun.

Very disapointiong


I would not recommend this seat for a baby at all. Baby seats very upright in the seat ( my baby is 5 months old - 7kg )- there is no head support so when my baby fall asleep his head just hung down as the seat is to upright and you can not adjust the position. Very stresfull waching it when you out.
Its also made quite poorly - its just a thin fabric over a metal frame so there is no back support either - baby seat like is a hammock. i think i will keep using a car seat for a face to face ride as it seems to be so much better and comfy for a baby.
Shame - wish Phil&Teds find a better solution soon.

All round, great!


It is so good. Our little boy loves having the freedom of looking around and at who ever pushes the stroller. Better then lying in the bassinet when he is awake

Great Seat


I like that I can see my baby while using this. It is very light weight and easy to maneuver. Only downfall is that I cannot seem to fold the stroller while the seat is attached to the frame.

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