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silla de paseo mod

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características ¡wow!:

  • modularidad completa con un asiento fácil e intuitivo 4-en-1 del cochecito! 
  • súper compacto, con solo 57 cms de ancho para las calles estrechas del centro de la ciudad
  • una maniobrabilidad suprema con ruedas aeromaxx de 10" a prueba de pinchazos y suspensión en todas las ruedas (más características wow abajo)
399,00 Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy
399,00 Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy
399,00 Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy
399,00 Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy

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sencillo&ingenioso - fácil de llevar, salta los bordillos, chasis estrecho, plegado compacto y gran asiento! mod tiene todas los campos cubiertos cuando se trata de la comodidad en el centro de la ciudad. desde recién nacido, este asiento inteligente se convierte fácilmente de un capazo a un asiento vertical para el bebé, y con un plegado de pie de 1 pieza que hace del cochecito compacto mod el cochecito de bebé más cómodo, intuitivo e inteligente que podrás encontrar.

¡más características wow!:

  • perfecto para recién nacidos (capazo en el cochecito, capazo fuera del cochecito, cochecito con asiento reclinable de cara a los padres y de cara al frente
  • con un freno de mano fácil de manejar, cesta inferior extra grande (apta para hasta 10kg) y un asiento ajustable y manejable (utilizando adaptadores que se venden por separado) 
  • es compatible con sillas de auto grupo 0+ de otras marcas conocidas como phil&teds, Mountain Buggy, Graco, Chicco, Maxi Cosi, Cybex & Peg Perego 
  • disponible en 4 estampados modernos (abstract, zest,capri & noir) 
  • seguro, con un arnés fácil y seguro de 5 puntos - ¡un nuevo diseño para un desabrochar fácilmente! 


qué hay en la caja:

  • chasis de mod
  • asiento modular con capota UPF50 extensible con cremallera, para una máxima protección todo el año! 
  • 2 x ruedas traseras de 10`` con neumáticos aeromaxx con 2 ruedas EVA delanteras de 8``
  • 1 x colchoneta reversible súper suave para el asiento
  • 1 x barra delantera
  • 10kg cesta inferior
  • 1 x cubrepiés súper acogedor
  • funda para el capazo, perfecto para las estaciones más frías

Tech specs

especificaciones técnicas 

  • peso - 12 kg 
  • ancho del asiento - 30cm
  • dimensiones del cochecito - (AlxAnxL) 107 x 57 x 82 cm
  • dimensiones plegado - (AlxAnxL) 71 x 57 x 32 cm
  • rango de edad - recién nacido hasta 4 años 
  • carga máxima - 20kg
  • altura del manillar - 99 - 107 cms
  • phil&teds alpha baby car seat - alpha car seat 3/4 view

    silla de auto alpha

  • NEW! MOD_ABSTRACT_sun cover-1200x1200

    mod sun cover

  • NEW! MOD_ABSTRACT_storm cover-1200x1200

    mod storm cover

  • - 50% PHIL_AND_TEDS_universal-travel-bag_chocolate_half-price_1200x1200px

    bolsa de viaje universal

    para sillas de paseo, sillas par...
  • smart travel system adaptor, TS40


Great pram


Purchased Mod buggy for my newborn, great product, easy to use, folds down using one hand while holding baby, looks fantastic

Not What is described


I have owned my mod stroller for just over three weeks and have been really disappointed with the quality of this product.
I owned my 1st Phil and Teds over 10 years ago and loved it and expected the same quality. I have a 2.5yr old who needs the option of a buggy on the school run. I have used this buggy very little, as the front bar is extremely flimsy and after only a few uses no longer clips into place and is broken, the seat space is small both the width and height. The seat insert arrived faded, and does not fit properly and looks crumpled.
I do like the option of parent facing or world, and also the option of converting the seat into a carry cot (although my son is too long for this option). It it easy to push one handed on the flat but does not easily guide up pavements or curbs. The under basket space is a reasonable size and is easy to access. Over all it is not sturdy and supportive to the child. For £345 it is an awful lot of money for a poor quality buggy. I have asked for my money back and to return the item - which sadly isn't as easy as one would hope.

Good pram but not great


I bought this pram a month ago. The idea with carrycot whuch change in to a stroller is very clever but the seat could be better. Wind cover doesn't fit tight enough and the wind blow under.
Nice and smooth to ride.

no support for little legs.


I am still looking for a stroller from birth and P&T Mod was looked near ideal to me. I have decided to see it. It was quite hard to find it offline in my country, but finally I've seen it and have my own opinion for this model.
Stroller looks very good, however I have found a huge disadvantage of Mod - it has no flip to support for little legs!!
Guys, this stroller is suitable for baby from birth and is great as a carrycot, and then, what do you suggest? That a baby will always seat? Where he will put legs when fall asleep?! Other strollers have a support for little legs, even P&T Smart has this option, but "more advanced" Mod - has not.

There are few more minor issues, but not having a support for legs - is a big one.

I still a fan of P&T and I like your approach to create a really smart strollers, but I will not buy this model, sorry.

Compact, versatile and oh so stylish


The Mod stroller is compact, versatile and easy to manoeuvre. This pram is both compact in fold and compact in the area it takes up when pushing. When folded, it only takes up half of the floor space of my very small boot (Ford Focus hatch) and can be placed to one side instead of spanning across the width of my boot, meaning I can easily fit shopping in the other side of my boot. The body of the pram is not long like other models, meaning that it is easier to manage in shops and it parks compactly at swimming lessons. The versatility of the pram is amazing. It is parent-facing, front-facing and bassinet parent-facing all in one package - no extras required. My older kids call it the "Transformer Pram".
Manoeuvring this pram is a breeze. It glides around corners, turns on a dime and I often only need one hand.
The fold is easy, once you've practiced a couple of times. There are prams out there with easier folds, but you won't get anywhere near the versatility in those prams that you do with this one.
I have really enjoyed this pram so far and I'm totally in love with it. It is also stylish to boot! I've had lots of comments from other parents about its good looks and compact versatility.
Well done to the brilliant minds at Phil & Teds, you've done extremely well with this one!



This is the best newborn stroller ever!!! Our grandson loves his bassinet ! So easy

I love it!


I had a smart buggy for my son and loved it but sold it when I thought we would have no more children. This is even better. They have fixed the quirks from my original (compact fold/ easy foot fold and open/more sturdy handle/suspension)
I love how versatile this buggy is. it folds down so easily and is so compact which is perfect for my small car. I have the alpha capsule and love that I can clip it and go. My daughter is also happy to sleep in the buggy in the cot seat setting.

This is a great looking buggy and I always get compliments on it.

Ticks all the boxes


I bought my Phil and Ted's mod buggy a month ago. It ticked all the boxes, parent facing, front facing, small fold without taking seat unit off. Will last till my son is 4 hopefully. Gorgeous colours.
So far a few niggles, cosy toe I wouldn't class as cosy. Not very snuggly and warm. Toggle loop not going to last much longer. Been promised a new one. Also front wheels feel like they are rubbing and this creates a vibration all the way up to the handlebars.
Apart from that a great looking pushchair. Great Urban stroller.

Finally almost everything in a pram/stroller


Ok...so my 1st two children shared the Vibe some time ago and that really suited our needs at the time...now some time later we have had a 3rd baby....so....I first of all tried the Uppababy Cruz....(as in USA hard to try anywhere that has p&t) loved the basket but the manoeuvrability in the shops were no good as it kept jarring and wasn't so smooth. Returned it. Ordered online the latest P&T Smart....wasn't too sure about it(even though it was better than what it used to be) thought then maybe the Dash! Tried it around the house but was way too fiddily to close and seemed even though a big basket it isn't high enough to keep things in well. Anyway...saw this new MOD. Returned the Dash and the Smart! Love the Mod mostly. Basket the same as on Smart so not big but it is deepish so as long as you make sure you push things in very well it won't drag out (which has happened)! Easy to collapse. I love that you can take the seat off and makes it easier to carry into the car (Dash was heavier) this is great. Seat narrower than the Smart but it's ok. I like that it can change from bassinet to seat but as a seat I think it could have been a bit bigger perhaps...but we will have to wait and see as baby is nearly 8 months so we still have time! Just really love how easy it is to manoeuvre and I do it one handed with trolley in the other! A mum stopped me a few days ago to ask about it so it looks good! The things I think aren't so great are the sun cover and rain cover or the muff thing. They don't fit on well like the Vibes used to. Also the sun one still lets too much sun in that baby is reeling when sun shines! So I ordered the Skip Hop sun cover so it is now fantastic altogether. I also have the skip hop muff which again is much better as it is always attached rather than having to worry about dropping it like the Phil's one which isn't secured apart from when baby is in it.

I hope this makes sense!

Definitely a great pram. Just don't bother with he sun cover.

I also have the car seat attachment for the Nuna. I find it a little hard to get him unclasped from it but he is a heavy baby and you have to press the two buttons on the side but I think that is something you get better at...although it does feel like I might snap it!

OVERALL - I love this pram....after going through so many! Really worth it. Best for easy manoeuvring, easy to close, easy to fit in even a small car and great adaptability. Shame basket isn't a wee bit larger but it's fine I think we just got spoiled from the uppababy basket!

Shame the stores in the US don't carry any to try out.

finally a stroller that does everything


I was looking for a stroller with parent facing and a changeable handle height, so when I first heard about mod, I thought it could be a winner. When I saw it in person though, I was in love. Not only does it have those features I wanted, it also looks so cool. My bub does not like to keep her hat on, so having the HUGE sunhood is such a plus. Even though the stroller has a lot of cool features (the hood, seat options) it is really small in my car and simple to use.

The mod is a great stroller that I would recommend to any parent wanting a small stroller with a seat that faces you and makes shopping or going for a walk such a pleasure. Have had heaps of remarks about it, as it looks so eye catching.

love mod!

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