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smart es la solución perfecta para tu bebé, compacta&preparada para la ciudad. Con innovaciones como el pedal (PRIMERO EN EL MUNDO) de plegado vertical compacto, y su super estrecha anchura de 57cm, que la hacen perfecta para los estrechos espacios de la ciudad. ¡smart es la silla de paseo más cómoda, intuitiva e ingeniosa que encontrarás!

349,00 Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy
349,00 Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy
349,00 Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy
349,00 Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy

Disponible ahora. Haz tu pedido hoy Producto muy solicitado. Haz tu pedido ahora El stock se está acabando. ¡haz tu pedido ya! Haz tu reserva ahora

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¡guay! características principales del carrito smart:

  • ¡preparada para los recién nacidos! - con posición de reclinado totalmente horizontal y la posibilidad de acoplar un capazo mirando a los padres para un contacto más cercano (accesorio adicional)
  • conducción super suave, sin molestias, con ruedas aerotech anti-pinchazos de 10", y suspensión en las 4 ruedas
  • cómodo freno de mano - total control marcha/paro en la palma de tus manos
  • respaldo del asiento super grande - ¡no más espaldas doloridas!
  • soporte extensible para la piernas - ¡comodidad para las piernas pequeñas!
  • manillar ajustable a la altura de todos los padres
  • protector posterior integrado para la posición horizontal - pantalla fácil de abrir o recoger mediante una cremallera
  • tejidos modernos&elegantes - ¡girarán más cabezas que esquinas!

qué hay en la caja:

  • chasis de la silla de paseo smart
  • asiento
  • 4 x soportes para capazo
  • capota abatible extragrande de 50+ UPF - con cremallera fácil de abrir, para una protección máxima
  • gran cesta - 10kg / 22lb para tus cachivaches
  • 2 x 10" ruedas traseras anti-pinchazos aerotech con sus ejes
  • 2 x 8" ruedas delanteras EVA
  • 1 x colchoneta
  • barra delantera abatible


Tech specs

  • peso - 11.1kgs / 24.4lbs
  • anchura del asiento - 36cm / 14"
  • dimensiones - 107 x 57 x 88cm / 42 x 22.5 x 12"
  • dimensiones de plegado - 83 x 57 x 30cm / 32.5 x 22.5 x 12"
  • rango de edad - recién nacido a 4 años
  • carga máxima - 20kgs / 44lbs


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    smart sun cover

    2016+ model
  • smart_rain_cover_v3_graphite_3QTR_1200x1200

    smart storm cover

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Good to sleep instead of bassinet or crib.


Overall it is a good product. Delivered early . Baby is sleeping in it everyday .
The front footrest could be improved if it was able to lock in position and my wife says it is too low for her to pick up baby.After c section she has trouble bending over .baby is 15 lbs or 7kg at 11 weeks old. Wheels are good .Handle is adjustable .im 6ft2 and i have no issue with height of handle. Closes and folds up easily.

Very heavy to steer!


We bought the Smart v3 in January of this year, and really haven't been that impressed with it. The plus points are that it folds to a nice compact size, is relatively lightweight, and the extra large sun/rain hood is really useful. However, we find it really awkward to manouevre. The steering is heavy, so trying to get around shops (especially if you're trying to carry something at the same time) is difficult. To turn corners, or even just keep it in a straight line, we have to bear down heavily on the handlebar. Going up, and particularly down, kerbs is also a nightmare, and it is getting harder to manage as our son gets heavier (he only had his 2nd birthday last week, so it's not as if we're trying to push a pre-schooler around!) Lastly, we've also found that the shoulder straps loosen with relatively little movement from our son.
Luckily our son loves to walk, so we don't need to use the pram much, but I think we'll be selling it and getting something different before the arrival of our next child next year.

Very Convenient Stroller but No Spare Parts


Bought this stroller in June 2016. It performed really well but I could not find spare parts for it when one of the brake cable snapped. Phil & Teds replaced the entire stroller as it was still under warranty.

If anyone knows where to find parts for this stroller, and brake cables in particular, please, let me know. This is the only reason I cannot give it a 5 stars.

Great stroller !


I bought this in Sep 2016 and love it. My son is nearly 20 months old and he still has PLENTY of room, there is no chance he will grow out of it. We take the pushchair down the fields on our daily dog walks and it never has any problems. Would highly recommend!

Fantastic Buggy


Ordered a buggy. It arrived in 2 days on Rural Delivery. Set it up. Perfect.

Easy to push buggy


For me having a buggy that pushes easily is my first requirement especially after having an icandy. This buggy is great, easy to push, small when folded, stylish and spares are cheap enough. Definitely recommend

Very Versatile


I have had this stroller for 3 years. I loved it when my daughter was an infant and we used the bassinet in our room until she was ready for her crib. I love the mesh seat. We live in Florida and go to Disney a lot. The mesh keeps her cool. I love the options to change the canopy color. I was able to make my own. The canopy has great coverage for the sun.



A great, top quality buggy. What more could you ask for??



I brought this in April. Within a week the reinforcement plastic for the fabric poked through scratching my son and my self when I put him in the seat. I got fabric replacement sent. Now the new fabric is ripping. My son weighs well within what is suggested so no reason for this. The pram itself isn't a pleasure to push either as I find it quite heavy/stiff and kurbs are issues. Also hood plastic poked through.

Best Travel Companion


I am more than happy with it. It make traveling with plane around the world much easier.

Love it!


We bought this for our first baby. He's now two months old and we've used this stroller a ton! I love how it works with our Mico carseat - I can easily transfer him from the car to the stroller. It's a little bigger than I expected, especially when folded up, but it's such a nice stroller. The instruction videos on the website are super helpful.

Great stroller


I got this for my third baby who was due in summer. I LOVE the massive sun hood and the mesh part that can come up over their feet.
Is easy to push and turn with 1 hand and is light weight. Super easy to fold too.
The only negative I've found is that the Velcro doesn't join properly on the rain cover when the seats in full recline

great stroller but not travel system


we bought this in October before the arrival of our baby girl. find this to be a good weight and easy to collapse and put up. With the capsule clipped onto the pram as a travel system I've found the pram more difficult to steer and push. that said, without the capsule attached this is a lovely pram and very convenient for inner city living. we live in an apartment and have a small car so space was a top consideration.

Tell it as it is...


It's a nice stroller but it looks sturdier in the picture/video.
We Love the bright red.
We like that the portable bassinet can fit in it - very convenient for when baby is sleeping - but it could be more vertical if landing was more even/flat.
Really like the way the covering can be extended over baby as he is lying down in his bassinet.



Great! Very comfortable for my 14 months baby. The only thing is not too light for go upstair at the tube station.

Great town stroller


We have used this stroller for about 4 months now. It is easy to use for shopping and around the town. However, curb pop is slightly harder compared with our other stroller. I am petite and my husband is tall, two settings in the handle bar is great for both of us. Love the large sunshade and baby seems to like it as well. Folding is easy, just need to turn the front wheels forward before folding. Overall happy with the purchase.

Good size for child, brake broken after 3 months


I bought this pram for my 1,5 year old son last June. After 1 month fabric looked faded and after 3 months brake was broken. I get good service from Phil and Teds and got replacement frame in 3 days. After exactly 3 months brake is broken again! and this happened during holiday in a hotel, on tile floor , so no any hard experience for pram. Was so inconvenient. Front wheel getting stack all the times and pram is not easy to move around. It looks like the pram was not properly tested before placed to market.

I like that pram is compact but wide and good for child older than 1,5 year, my almost 2 year old can sleep there comfortable, hood is very good- big and silent

I would not recommend this pram to a friend before i will be sure that all parts are working without any issues for a long time

Bad features and poor design


I brought this pushchair as the price was very reasonable. I also brought the cocoon so my newborn would be nice and snug. Snug is the word! She only fitted in it for a few weeks and she wasn't a particularly large baby. After this I had to have her forward facing with not much support for her head. I would say this pushchair would be suitable for a baby that can sit unaided.

I also didn't like that the pushchair folds down with the handlebar touching the floor when in standing position. I have to put the pushchair on its side to open it.
My next problem was with the wheels at the front. One of them kept sticking. Phil and Ted did send me out a new wheel but yet again a few months down the line it is happening again!

Best stroller ever but poor accessories


This is by far, the best stroller we've ever had, but it is badly let down by the accessories. To be more specific about the star ratings, I'd give 5 Stars as a standalone stroller / buggy and just 3 stars as a travel system. We bought this with the recommended car seat and adapters. The lovely comfy newborn insert was already outgrown and the baby was only 5 weeks old. We had to remove it to fit him in it safely. This meant his head was pretty much unsupported and bobbing around so we had to supplement his head support by buying a head hugger (elsewhere). We also bought the rear facing cocoon to use as a lie flat travel system. This was excellent, but also undersized. Baby has now outgrown that at 11 weeks. It is unnecessarily small as there is space to lengthen its design by at least 3-4 inches in length and several inches in width. Now, at only 11 weeks, the baby must go forward facing in the big open spacious stroller which is not ideal at this young age. The optional extra Storm Cover is really poor quality and disappointing from Phil & Teds. Little thought or effort went into its design / manufacture. Tiny skinny little velcro strips and it doesn't fit with either the cocoon or the car seat fitted. Again we've had to buy an alternative elsewhere. Lastly, with the car seat fitted, the car seat hood and stroller hood do not line up and it is difficult to wind proof. All in all, as a travel system its a bit of a disaster. BUT....The stroller on its own is fantastic. It's nice and comfortable, wide and spacious. Feels solid. Our three and a half year old fits in it comfortably with room to spare when he wants a little rest on longer walks. Easy to maneuver, and even steer with one hand. The basket is big. Easy to fold up, fits snuggly in the car and leaves loads of space for other stuff. Slight concern that the seat fabric etc will become damaged or prematurely worn as it folds "inside out". Overall We are absolutely delighted with the stroller itself.

Light, compact, handy and cute!


We were looking for something compact, super easy to fold, but that could also be used on tracks - not just a city stroller. The smart was the best choice! Last but not least, it comes at a very reasonable price compared to what is proposed by the competitors. We love our Smart!

Well constructed and comfortable


Very happy with this purchase! Lots of big improvements on previous Smart strollers, but the same great price!

Love the roomy seat, the harness (satisfying click when you put baby in, and easy quick release) Also a much deeper hood, compact fold, hand brake and suspension.

Note that this is significantly different to previous Smart models (I own both), does not work as a lightweight travel system as the seat is always attached (which adds a lot of bulk and weight), but the extra features mentioned above make it an upgrade and great value.

I love it!!!


Bought it 3 months ago cause I wanted a stroller but also a pram.. this one is fantastic and super cheap!
Love it!!

We LOVE our Smart!


As a petite woman, I wanted a stroller that would be easy to manage on my own, while still being a sturdy stroller. The Smart is just that! It's super lightweight & easy for me to manage by myself. I love my Smart!

fabulous and light


the best buggy that you will ever buy! its stylish light weight easy to fold and a dream to push.

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