10" rear wheel

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Replacement rear wheel for your phil&teds DOT stroller.

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This wheel comes fully assembled with wheel rim, tyre, inner tube and bearings. The axle that holds the wheel on to the stroller frame is sold separately. This wheel is compatible with the dot stroller only.

Do not buy this joke of a product


I bought the Mountain Buggy freerider board and connector for my children's Dot 2.0 pushchair, as my son is now too big to sit in the additional bottom seat and my 3.5 year old daughter wants the freedom to hop on and off. We have been extremely disappointed with both. The connector was so difficult to install that I had to bring it to my local bicycle repair shop and it took them 1 hour to put it in... Then we tried it... absolutely terrible. The older child's positioning and the size of the board make it very difficult to push the pram (one is completely bent over, pushing 40kg of weight...). We've tried putting the connector in the middle (as recommended) and on the side, neither worked. The freerider board has also been a total failure with my daughter. She has another scooter (much cheaper) which she rides very well independently. With the Mountain Buggy one, she finds it impossible to change directions (even slightly) without stepping off the board. This quickly led to a few falls and we just gave up. I've been super happy with all my other Phil&Ted purchases but this Mountain Buggy product is a complete joke. Do not buy.

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