almohadillas del arnés para los hombros

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Almohadillas para los hombros de recambio para el arnés de la silla de paseo phil&teds.

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Estas almohadillas del arnés son negras y valen para todos los arneses de las sillas de paseo phil&teds. Pasa las correas del arnés a través de las almohadillas para que el bebé vaya seguro y cómodo.

  • PT-PFWHEEL__.jpg

    rueda delantera para black classic y explorer

  • pt-bbar on navigator

    barra de protección delantera

  • explorer handle w. adjusters


  • PT-PMGuard10__.jpg

    guardabarros de las ruedas traseras

  • double kit hinge set 1200

    juego de bisagras para el double kit

Do not match my navigator!


I ordered these harness covers to replace one that was lost from my navigator which is only a few months old- assuming, as they are from Phil & teds, that they would be identical and would match my doubles kit straps- WRONG!
These are different material- and they VELCRO on!
My baby who is 11 months can pull them off in seconds and I'm not at all happy. If I'd known they didn't match, I would've paid for some cheap imitations from an internet auction site, rather than having paid a premium price for a less than premium product.

Very soft and comfy


Bought these for my daughter's pushchair and they are great thank you!

Bad quality


I purchased these shoulder harness replacement covers for my Navigator 2.0. They are such poor quality compared to the original ones that came with the stroller. There is no indication that they are even Phil & Teds brand! (no logo or tag or anything!)....there is only a tiny strip of velcro to hold them on (unlike the original ones) so my little one rips them off all the time.

really poor


unfortunatly these are utterly rubbish. its clear to see why my (excellent) second hand P&T didn't come with any; they fall off every time that you use the straps. they need more velcro and something to attach the tops to the buggy. If i'd paid £2 on ebay for a generic version I'd be ambivalent about them but to pay £6 for proper P&T ones is annoying,

Slightly better than nothing?


These straps have Velcro, so they're easy to get on, but they just keep coming off. The Velcro strip just doesn't hold them. The original ones were sewn shut, so you just had to unclip the seat strap to get them on. A pain, but more secure. It's only a matter of time before I lose one, and I'll not bother replacing it next time.

worst quality


Brought these also thinking there would be official phil and ted logo as per the original shoulder pads that came with explorer. These are cheap and don't stay on or even have the ability to hold the excess straps and have fallen off needless to say we have now lost one seriously the worst product and a waste of money wouldn't even give this one star

Cheap looking


I expected these to have some sign that they were official Phil and Teds harness pads - even on a care label or something, but they are completely unbranded and look rather cheap. The velcro comes undone really easily. If I'd known they were unbranded I would have bought some nice red 'unofficial' ones from elsewhere.

As Described and Pictured


These were bought as a replacement for my Mountain Buggy Swift. They fastened securely and easily with the velcro.

Seeing thatyou asked.......:(


I purchased a pair of harness shoulder pads and well let's say that I am 50% happy as one has no Velcro to fasten it.

Do not stay on


Bought to cover up my Vibe harness shoulder pads and they just do not stay done up. A fairy could remove them! I was expecting something more robust.

Wouldn't recommend


My 13 month old child could pull these off easily, she would pull then off over and over for the 2 days I had then before she threw one out of the stroller and it was lost.

Hard and does not stick


I bought this item to my daughter . They are too hard, does not follow easily her shoulder line. They are coming off all the time . Wouldn't buy it again

Waste of money!


These harness pads are different from the long tubular ones that were originally on the buggy. They slipped off very easily and I lost one the first day I used them! They just seem to be too loose for the straps. Disappointing product :(

Ok but not great


These look ok and function reasonably we, however the velcro that holds them together is so small they fall off constantly. Not so much a problem when you have a child in the seat but you will find they blow away while folding the pushchair to put in the car.

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