dot v1 parts

  • Last chance! PT-PDframe__.jpg

    DOT frame complete

  • maintenance kit for all your phil and teds buggies

    maintenance kit

  • MB1-P5WAY__.jpg

    stroller harness buckle

  • no image available

    adhesive SH locator kit

  • phil and teds compact dot close up of front wheel

    dot front wheel

  • phil and teds dot compact aerotech rear wheel close up

    dot rear wheel

  • dot seat fabric

    DOT seat fabric

  • dot seat fabric

    DOT main seat fabric

  • spaxleset 1200x1200

    rear wheel axle set

    includes 2x axles
  • inner tube set for stroller wheels

    10 inch inner tube set

    includes 2 inner tubes
  • PT-PDThandle__.jpg

    DOT handle

  • pt-bbar on navigator

    bumper bar

  • double kit sunhood

    double kit sunhood

  • SPBEAR wheel bearing set of 6 by phil and teds

    wheel bearing set

    includes 6 bearings
  • dot double kit liner-flint

    dot double kit seat liner

  • DK-SUNMESH_V2_Sport_side-on-ghosted-1200-x-1200

    double kit sun mesh

  • VSTRAP__.jpg

    harness extension straps

  • Last chance! PT-PDPtray5__.jpg

    dot parcel tray

  • PT-PTYREWW__.jpg

    10" external tyre

  • dot rear wheel guards

    dot rear wheel guards

  • no image available

    DOT storm cover backflap

    with toggles
  • no-image-available

    DOT storm back flap

    with velcro
  • navigator back flap v2

    storm cover backflap

  • no image available

    DOT mesh backflap

  • double kit hinge set 1200

    double kit hinge set

  • handle screws and cup holder lug kit

    handle screws kit/cup holder lug kit

  • Harness shoulder pads

    harness shoulder pads

  • SPpuller__.jpg

    zip puller

  • phil and teds dot compact stroller fully enclosed safe hubcap

    DOT hubcap set

    set of 2
  • no image available

    DOT & sport frame lock kit