legacy accessories

accessories suitable for all legacy models. looking for specific model? scroll to bottom of the page.

  • rent or hire alpha baby car seat

    siège auto alpha

  • SNUGGLE_AND_SNOOZE_SLEEPING_BAG_V2_lifestyle_dome-down_apple_1200x1200

    sac de couchage

    sac de couchage pour poussette
  • phil and teds travel bag can hold a buggy, lobster highchair, weather covers and shoes - zipped closed and ready to go!

    sac de voyage travel bag

  • 1200x1200_FR_2016_productshots_yellow

    trottinette freerider

  • extra long cocoon

    extra long cocoon

    soft-shelled baby carrycot
  • buggy cup holder - hero


  • bottle holder - hero

    porte bouteille universel

  • universal food tray

    universal food tray

  • Shade Stick Umbrella Open 1200x1200

    ombrelle pour poussette

    ombrelle universelle
  • Pannier-Bags 3QTR

    Sacoches latérale

  • parcel tray pack cell

    Sac shopping

  • maintenance kit for all your phil and teds buggies

    maintenance kit