verve & vibe single storm cover

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wow! features:

  • smart custom fit design for airflow & breathability
  • waterproof - don't let the risk of rain stop you!
  • dry & demist - fancy that! (more wow! features below)

Not currently available in this region.


single PVC storm cover for your verve or vibe stroller.


more wow! features:

  • venture out, whatever the weather!
  • main seat coverage only
  • compatible with your verve or vibe stroller (any model)

Not great for newborn


Have been quite disappointed worth this product. The quality is great, however it does not cover the whole pram when a younger baby is using it. When the seat is laid flat there is a huge gap at the back where the rain gets in and gets the baby wet. Big design floor. I have to say though, it is the only thing about this pram I have been disappointed with, it's a fab pram. I can not return this product as I have used it once, but I feel the one for the double pram would work much better as it covers the back of the pram, therefore I am going to have to spend more money purchasing the double rain cover. Not good


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