blocks uv rays!

shade stick stroller umbrella

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wow! features:

  • 2 angle adjustors - shade from any angle
  • follow-the-sun maneuverability
  • inner rubber clamps - no frame scratching! (more wow! features below)
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privacy & protection for your baby.

this parasol has a universal attachment compatible with any phil&teds stroller, carrycot or high chair. To protect delicate young skin from sun & heat, the parasol blocks a massive 99% of UV rays! 


more wow! features below:

  • black exterior with silver lining
  • a heat & sun protector with UPF50
  • shower proof
  • compatible with any phil&teds stroller, and many other brands - we're good like that!

compatible also with the  lobster portable high chair  (ideal for picnic table dining!),  snug carrycot  and  traveller travel crib


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Dreadful Umbrella


I bought this a month ago and we are disappointed with it. It doesn't stay in position, one blow of wind and it takes the umbrella out of shape and position, just not very stable at all.

Prefect piece of shade


Purchased originally for my voyager but delighted when I found it would also connect to my nano and lobster highchair ^^ nice and sturdy pivot joints and very stable when attached once the clamp is tightened it isn't going anywhere



I hate this item it is useless. It will not stay up, does not work the way i wish it would have. A complete waste of money!

Holiday purchase


I purchased this for a sun holiday to keep the sun from my daughters face. I could never get it to stay up once the buggy was moving. It was always falling to the side or in on top of my baby. The problem is with the fitting that attaches to the bar. It just never seems secure. Wasn't worth the money.

Awesome double stroller


This stroller is so compact, I sometimes forget I have 2 kids in it. We took it on vacation with us & it was perfect to zip through the airport with a toddler & a 3 month old. The second seat sun screen was missing & we had to drape blankets over the 3 month old, but Phil & Ted's said they would send us one in the mail. Overall it was a great buy.

My shade stick doesn't seem to fit very well!


I bought the shade stick for the Phil and Teds sport v2 but unfortunately I'm having great difficulty attaching it to the tubular frame . Already the rubber inside the clamp has started to split and has come loose. The clamp moves instead of staying firm on the frame. I have to over tighten it to stay in place and that means a lot of tightening the screw on the clamp! I'm not sure how long the clamp will take this over tightening. I feel that I need an adaptor to fit this device to my pram frame.


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