sac de transport universel

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sac de transport international utilisable dans les avions, trains et voitures! 

Voyager avec votre bébé en toute simplicité.


49,00 Disponible dès maintenant. Commandez dès aujourd´hui
49,00 Disponible dès maintenant. Commandez dès aujourd´hui
49,00 Disponible dès maintenant. Commandez dès aujourd´hui

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caractéristiques principales:

  • protège votre poussette ou un siège auto, et tous les equipements pour bébé 
  • taille réglable, plus d'espace
  • roues robustes pour un transport plus facile même entièrement chargés
  • sangle d´épaule facilitant le transport 
  • extrêmement léger moins de 2 kgs
  • compact se roule en boule
  • polyester résistant à l'usure extérieure et intérieur rembourré
  • sécurité assurée, fermeture velcro très résistante
  • compatibilité universelle pour tout type de poussette phil&teds * ou de siège auto, et la plupart des autres marques
  • dimensions au sol : 100 x 58cm 
  • gamme de couleurs EXCLUSIVE uniquement disponible sur notre page internet philandteds !

Tech specs

  • lightweight at less than 2kg!
  • flat dimensions: 100 x 58cm / 40 x 23"
  • max dimensions (packed): 106 x 64 x 34cm / 41 x 25 x 13"


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  • bottle holder - hero

    universal bottle holder

Great idea- needs work on the quality of materials


We brought this a month ago for a recent trip- overall it protected our pram very well and there was enough space to fit out double and skateboard, however the material around the wheels of the bag needs strengthening somehow. As you would expect parts of the bag can drag when you are rolling it along and it wears through very quickly. We only used it for a short trip and I would think it only has 1 more trip in it. Not great value for money to only get 2 uses.

smart design


I bought this for a trip with my 2 month old as I would need to take my redsbaby pram. My pram fit into this with also some clothes etc, I had to take off the wheels and fold down the bassinet but overall I was impressed with how much the travel bag could fit. Really smart design in that it will hold odd shaped things and has both straps and velcro holding it all in. Wheels on the bottom make it so much easier to move than just a bag.
I do wish the handle at the top of the bag was a bit thicker as it dug into my hands when I was pulling the heavy bag around.
I will be using this bag again for travel with baby, I think it will be really good for transporting a portacot, stroller, baby stuff in one big bag.

Best purchase


We just used it and it was fantastic both my partner and I loved it, it fit the pram a travel cot, nappies swim items, and it was easy to use, we did However tie rope around all 4 sides just to ensure it was extra secure.

Not quite universal


Sold as suitable for our urban jungle mountain buggy but it’s hard to fit the MB wheels in and, despite best efforts to pack, one of the wheels came out in transit. Lucky a baggage handler found it. Not quite as universal as the name suggests.

Really disappointed


I am so disappointed with this bag-bought for our new Phil & Teds Sport double buggy. It’s a very poor fit and on its first short flight the strap clips broke and one of the mudguards broke too. Yes, the baggage handlers aren’t careful, but at £80 I was expecting more. Phil & Teds, why can’t you make a bag for each stroller you make that fits properly??

Large good quality bag


This is a large bag with great features such as padding, wheels and adjustable in size. However, the internal bag could have a better 'closure'-system such as zips, Velcro or more material overlapping to keep the contents safe!Its not an issue if you have large items such as pushchair or car seat only in there but if you want to put extra bits in there, I think they may fall out depending on how your luggage is handled.

Love it


Especially good for airlines that don't have their own bags like Jetstar.
Could you please stop asking me to write a review now? It's the 4th email or something.



Flimsy handle and wheels aren't great. Also the strap broke before I even got to use it.

Overall very useful travel bag


I brought this bag a month or so ago having previously borrowed a friends one and had found that very useful. Unfortunately the over shoulder sling you need to carry it broke off on the very first use! We managed to fix it but it must have broken again as it never came back when we checked it in for the flight, must have broken off for the baggage handlers too

Really Good!


Everything was perfect, the delivery was on time and the travel bag is really good and easy to manage

Useful but not robust


We bought this for our long haul trip to the US. We packed our redsbaby pram with the bassinet comfortably and there was room for nappies and other baby stuff. However, when all packed it is quite heavy and it's weak handle and little wheels make it quite difficult to manoeuvre. Also the exterior has begun to breakdown ( not completely torn through). Overall useful but not a robust product.

Damaged on first use


Handle feels flimsy & not easy to hold onto when trying to wheel bag. If you don't hold bag up high enough it drags on the ground so Fabric was damaged & hole was appearing. Inside red fabric is also poor quality & was also damaged as a little bit was hanging out & made contact with the ground.
Feel like I flushed $100 down the drain when I purchased this product. Sounds good in theory but was very disappointed

Pretty good and effective


Quick postage and a good price.
Works well for our pram/buggy. Wraps up nice and small when not in use - and in our case in a hire car.
The handle for pulling it along needs to be better designed, perhaps wider, as it is very difficult to steer/control.

Opens up and the contents spill out


I love Phil&Teds products, all of my major baby/kid items are Phil&Teds and they have all been wonderful except for this one. How many bags do you see at the airport with velcro holding them together- we used it a few times without altering it and the bag was always found at the airline baggage claims desk opened up with our contents spilled out. We had to adapt it by putting duct tape around it longways to keep it closed, its the only way it worked.

Great Product


I bought this to secure the safe travels of our Phil and Ted's stroller as we travel to Australia.

Great travel buddy!


We bought this travel bag to fly overseas with our older style Phil and Ted's Sport Stroller. It fit the stroller perfectly with room for our microwave bottle-steamer and some blankets too! It travelled well and was easy to store when we arrived once rolled up. We are very happy with our purchase.

Looks awesome and super affordable



I bought Phil and Teds travel bag I've not used it yet we travel in 3 days. I needed this product to arrive in time which I specified on my order. I was really pleased when it arrived in just 4 days. Super quick awesome customer service. Looks like the bag will fit around my bugaboo cameleon without having to take the wheels off which is so much easier! It's lightweight and easy to manage. Thanks phil and teds team Gemma Dave Maggie and duke



Bought this bag to travel with my baby and wife to Qld for christmas in preparation for taking it to Malaysia in February and I can say with confidence that we will not be using it for our Malaysia trip.
It's disappointing as I had high hopes for this bag, but the following points is where it let me down:
- There's nowhere to lock the bag at all
- The handle at the top of the bag is rubbish and is truly uncomfortable
- The wheels on the bag are just too small which caused the material on the bag to drag against the ground
Good effort but a lot needs to be done to improve this product.

Travel pram bag


Great bag and easy to use. Love it but the only downfall is the very small handle on top of bag to wheel it along with is very uncomfortable to hold as there is no padding on it.

The bottomless bag


The great thing about this bag is that it is huge, and pretty easy to pack. This comes in handy when you you are running late and need to just dump everything and get out of there. We recently took our P&T carry cot and all our things in it to London and we had heaps of room leftover.

Unfortunately there are a couple of things you need to be careful of... This is no suitcase and cannot be simply dragged over obstacles. I tried this on the first outing and put some small tears near the wheels. Also, the small outer handle could be a bit nicer - it doesn't feel like you could lift the bag from this point and I ended up using a burp cloth to make it comfortable to drag through the streets. I think it has really been designed for gate-checking your stroller on a flight, so it doesn't perform as well outside of this use

So, could be better, but to be honest I haven't seen anything at a similar price which can swallow all our gear so easily. We have a lot of travel planned in the next few months so we will continue to use it, but we'll have to handle it with a bit of care.


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