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porte bébé metro

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le porte bébé metro est à la fois beau et confortable et vous permet de vous balader aussi bien en ville qu'à la montagne. 

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wow! les caractéristiques du porte bébé metro:

  • technique d'ajustement au corps: l'harnais spécial permet une répartition du poids optimale et adéquate pour plus de confort et pour ne pas se fatiguer
  • harnais réglable pour pouvoir s'adapter à différents type de corps
  • se plie à plat pour un rangement facile
  • habitacle luxueux et rembourré pour un plus grand confort de l'enfant
  • la technologie baseloading: système de pliage rapide à la verticale
  • tissus en maille pour une plus grande respirabilité
  • grande poches de rangement
  • deux poignées pour soulever le porte bébé sans effort
  • revêtement imperméable 
  • 2 ans de garantie (en enregistrant votre produit)

dans la boîte:

  • porte bébé metro

Tech specs

  • poids - 2.5kgs / 5.5lbs
  • dimensions pliée - 70 x 32 x 15cm / 27.6 x 12.6 x 5.9"
  • âge -  6 mois (ou dès lors que votre bébé peut s'asseoir sans aide) jusqu'à 3 ans (ou poids maximum)
  • poids maximum - 18kgs / 39.7lbs


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Couldn't have lived without it!


I bought this carrier for my daughter when she was 8 months old. She is now 3 and a half and we have used it every weekend since then. We have climbed mountains, walked miles and had some fantastic times. She is now coming up to 14kgs so she is finally getting too heavy for me to carry but I wanted to thank the designers for helping to bring me and my daughter close to nature! It has been so comfortable for both of us and has given us such freedom. I will be sorry to part with it!!

Best of its kind


Most backpacks are unwieldy and ugly but this is svelte and well designed with roomy pockets for an everyday outing. It's designed to be the mid-way between the city version and the hiking version and it works.

My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that it's not quite as comfortable as I hoped but for its sturdy lightweight design I'm pleased with it.

Great design!


Bought to use when looking after my grandson. He's 9 months old and already 11.5kg, so a big lad! He loves being in the back-pack, and while he's quite a weight the design of the carrier makes it easy. The waist strap is essential to distribute weight across the hips, and the smaller chest strap also helps. The adjustable seat is a nice feature for getting the little chap at just the right height. A really nice product and miles ahead of the very basic back-pack I used for my son 34 years ago!

Happy riding high!


I lost my soft structured front pack on the plane so had to use this as my daily carrier for when my son was 10 months old. The good: He loves sitting up high with his head amongst dangling tree leaves! He also loves watching me cook from the Metro (and much safer than cooking with him in a front pack). The bad: He tends to lean back in his seat, throwing off the centre of balance. I have tightened everything as much as I can but it still doesn't help. I am hoping when he gets older he will lean forward more, but until then I am finding his weight sits a little too far from my body, particularly in comparison to soft front packs. This put a little pressure on my shoulders so that I can't really wear it all day, as much as I'd like to.

The 15-month-old adores it


Comfortable, easy, more "storage" space than we thought -- and our daughter is positively giddy to be in it. As other reviewers note, the only downside is the need to readjust between parents/grandparents/etc. On the flip side... highly adjustable! We're into it, and glad we purchased this backpack!

A really cool piece of kit


I have a really active little nephew and I love taking him into the outdoors to burn him out when I'm babysitting! I don't like carting the stroller around when I know he's not going to be in it for long, so we use the metro carrier for him to jump in when his little legs get tired (they do eventually!). When he's not in it, it's super lightweight and comfortable enough on my back, and it has enough storage to double as a backpack for all our gear. I think this is the best piece of kid kit my sister owns!

Good back pack


I've used this back pack a few times. It is well made and has nice features. My husband finds it to be extremely comfortable to wear and use. However as a small female I've found it to be not super comfortable to wear. It feels like my daughter is too far from my back, and so I have to lean forward to compensate. It feels unstable. I plan to buy trekking poles to use with the backpack. With the pack sitting on the ground, it will tip if the child leans one way. Don't forget to buy the rain/sun shield in the same purchase to save on shipping!

Easy to use and lightweight.


I purchased for my 19 month old granddaughter to use initially on our family vacation in the mountains. Worked great on the trail and during our shopping trips. She loved it. No more stroller for us.

Brilliant Baby Carrier


I did a lot of research for the perfect carrier for us.
We live in a small town so I wanted a carrier that would be great for popping down the town but also for taking the dog for a walk to the woods and the beach.
This carrier fitted the criteria exactly and I am not disappointed at all.
My partner is 6 foot 3 inches and I am 5 foot 4 inches and we both find it extremely comfortable with our little boy in it. He loves it, he is 7 months old and gets so excited when he see's it.
My partner works away a lot so I also wanted a carrier which I could get on and off easily by myself and the metro is perfect. I have even had to remove it in the middle of the woods, due to my sons hat obscuring his vision and it was easy to get back on again. My little one is not a small 7 month old either, he is fairly heavy but its so comfortable.
Its also compact for having in the car.
Brilliant all round carrier, would not hesitate to recommend, in fact I have already done so to a number of friends.

Full featured coolest kid carrier!


We got the Metro in limited Graffiti pattern. Easily the coolest packing parents on the hill. It fit a full day hike picnic for a 2 kid family and still had good room for the kiddo. The shade hood is necessary for hotter climates. The aluminum kickstand is sturdier than it looks. Great weight distribution for ma & pa. Excellent for a bugout pack for prepper parents!



i love my buggy - but sometimes there are occassions where you just need something a little more compact - jumping on the bus, at local markets, public gatherings and getting off the beaten track. i've never been much of a fan of carriers as so many of them look bulky and masculine - that is until i discovered the phil&teds metro - sleek and stylish and lightweight - it's been a dream for getting mobile in crowds and on and off the bus with my two year old. george loves being high and looking out with mums perspective - the harness easily adjusts between my needs and my husbands making it versatile, comfortable and convenient.

Great lighweight carrier!


I am very happy with this carrier. My child is secure, snug and he can see where we are walking. The pockets for storage are handy and the carrier comes with a sun shade. I also like the adjustments I can use to have it fit me of my wife comfortably. Would recommend it to anyone.



A hands free kit for the adults while giving young ones an elevated view of the world. The metro is comfortable for the wearer with its secure and highly adjustable harness [proven from 5'2" to 6'0"!] and obviously comfortable for the young one as riding on Dad's back seems to put them to sleep, sometimes unintentionally! The pockets are highly functional and the bottom one is accessible by the wearer. The unit folds down flat allowing easy storage and transport. Best place used so far: without a doubt, the airport.

The Metro is GREAT!


We use it for activities where a stroller just won't cut it, like walking the dog in the forest and going for family strolls around the lakes. Angus loves being in it so much we now keep the metro in the boot of the car, and use it when doing grocery shopping and going to markets too. It is comfortable to use, carrying an 11kg baby around has been easy in the metro, and it's fully adjustable and easy to use. As soon as the Metro comes out, Angus starts squealing with delight - so it gets the big tick from all of us!

Love it


I was very happy with this carrier. My 18 month old is secure and snug in it. It has a nice big pocket for storage and a nice rain hood. Would recommend it

Love this carrier!


We LOVE our Metro carrier! We received it as a gift off of our registry when expecting our second baby. It is great because it is smaller and more convenient to use than a stroller and the girls love riding in it (or sitting in it if it is just on the ground) Room to put your wallet, sunscreen and other necessities and is more comfortable than any other carrier I have tried.Packs away well and is light to carry. I would recommend this carrier 100%!


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