double kit sunhood

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Protect your baby in the second seat of their phil&teds stroller with this double kit sunhood. 

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This double kit sunhood clicks easily on to the frame of the following model double kits:

  • e3 v2
  • classic & legacy red classic
  • sport v1 or v2
  • legacy dash (pre-2015)
  • explorer
  • dot v1
  • hammerhead
  • navigator v1
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exposed heads


Lovely material but they don’t stay down as it doesn’t have any Velcro or buttons to permanently attach them to the seat leaving the back of the heads very exposed



I bought this and it for perfectly and worked to deflect some of the wind from my lo face.
Delivery was fast and efficient 5☆

A good sunhood for every wheather.


My little son is smiling because he is save under the sunhood. No wind, no rain and no sun on his head or face

Double kit sunhood


I’m really happy with the double kit sunhood, its easy to attach and didn’t take long to arrive either. Thanks Phil & Ted.

Excellent hood


This good was so easy to put on the second seat of my very old double sport pram. Covers well from the sun and easy to use

Good loking but limited coverage


The sunhood is a nice addition to our double kit -- looks good and provides baby with some protection from sun or excessive light. Unfortunately, it doesn't pull out very far at all. What you see in the pic is what you get, so the protection it provides is limited. Baby still gets blasted with sunlight in his face when walking in between shops, etc. I was hoping it would provide better coverage so that I didn't have to get the full sun cover out when walking short distances.

great product, easy to set


I bought this to protect my little one's head from sun and wind and to give her a bit of privacy and shade while asleep. Perfect product, easy to assemble. it also makes the pram look nicer.

Great product


Works great and has good sun coverage. Clips on very easily to our second seat.

Much needed addition to Dot


Bought this to add to the dot v1 I was given. Makes the second seat cosy. Shame it doesn't come as standard with second seat.

Need a recommendation


Is this good for a S4 being I didn't see it in the compatability feature?

Partial shade


I've had this sunhood for a few weeks, and although it provides more shade than no sunhood it doesn't extend far enough as the first seat gets in the way. Therefore it's not giving full maximum coverage and the first seat sunhood is far superior. I almost wish I'd bought the sun mesh instead

Too small for shade


It's really not big enough to block much sun. I tried this yesterday and I still had to to tie on a sheet on the side the sun was blasting from and then move my ties anytime I turned a corner. It needs to be about twice as big to offer any real sun protection.

Overall great for what it is used for.


Bought this for the Phil and Ted sport 2016 doubles kit. Shipped fast. Works okay, would be better if it had snaps or aomthing to hold it in the up position. Overall happy as it will do the job as a second canopy. Just a little flimsy.

Better then previous popper version


I brought this as I had the popper version which wasn't very good at all this however is very good stays up when windy and very sturdy once clipped only downside is it could be a little bigger to get better protection when windy.

Good protection for your precious one


This sunhood gives really nice protection against environment(sun, wind even light rain). Really nice quality and easy to use.

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low cost, low budget product.

Does the job!


Bought this for a legacy Sport V2 doubles kit. Fits securely and appears to the job. Only minor thing is the fabric near to each hinge isn't secured to anything, sort of flaps around & seems a bit odd, but doesn't cause any problems.

It works!


I was given a used sport, & the doubles seat didn't have a shade. Now it does! I like the "follow the sun" feature, but wish the shade was a bit bigger still (that's why 4 stars).

Love the sun cover !


I love how the sun cover zips right on my dash stroller and keeps my little guy protected from the sun. Will be using it lots in the summer!

Wasnt sure which way round went


Was bit hard to get on but got there in end and then spent half hour thinking have i put it on right way or not.

Very flimsy poor quality


Recently purchased for the second seat in my dot stroller. When arrived could not believe what I received for £25 the hood is so flimsy & falls back not protecting my 5 month old at all, once pulled forward there is quite a large gap at the back allowing wind & rain to get in! Overall so disappointed with this purchase I have found this Pram in general to be a let down

flimsy but useable


Flimsy and the hinges stick out and are in the way when you put a child in the bottom rear seat - I use it backwards and it works ok.

Great shade for my baby.


Works well. Easy to put on my dot pram. Is a little flimsy but does the job.

Easy to attach


Easy to attach and helps keep sun off my baby in the second seat. It is a wee bit flimsy and I wish it was more like the main sunhood for strength etc. but I'm not sorry I bought it.

fab product


I bought this a few weeks ago and glad I did. It's finished my explorer off perfectly.

Just okay


I bought this as an upgrade to the super flimsy one that came with the doubles kit I bought for my Dot stroller. While it is better than the nothing that came with the seats in years past, I still find it just okay and not very sturdy. It does slide up and down slightly on the frame to allow for a better fit for both shorter and taller children. Just not sure how long this one will hold up over long term use. Overall it is better than having the sun on your little one's head.

A must have for the lower seat


I wish I'd thought to buy the sun hood earlier. I have a navigator buggy and I felt that my now 6 month old was getting a rough deal, sitting on the lower seat and no sun hood, whereas my older daughter rides in the larger front seat with a massive hood for shade from the sun and wind. Its easy to clip on and makes the lower seat much cosier and more sheltered. I actually think it should come as standard with the double kit seat rather than having to pay extra for it, which is why I give it 4 not 5 stars. All the added bits you need to buy with the Navigator are a bit annoying, BUT it is a great product so...!

I wish I had bought this sooner!


This product is great, it protects the second child from the wind, sun and showers. I wish I had bought this sooner.

This is needed


I got this a couple of weeks ago and it is brilliant it reaches the top seat when extended and gives total shade. I did not get on with the sun mesh and this is much better.

Bigger than expected


Offers more coverage than perceived by picture. Pricey was the only reason its not a five star.

great price


Great price and worked great with our phil and ted stroller

Just what I needed!


I love this sun hood, so glad they finally came out with something for the second seat. Works perfectly!



This sun shade is great as it keeps the second child protected by the sun

Works just great!


Sunhood fitted to E3 stroller second seat securely. Works just great, and was able to put double storm cover over no problem. Fits neatly and looks great as well as doing the job of providing extra sun/wind cover for my little one.

Good all rounder


This product was purchased for my Sports Double Kit as I had no visor for it. I love how its versatile and can connect to most P&T double kits. I am impressed by the "follow the sun" concept that is used on the main pram sunhoods and glad to see it now is available for double kits. Once connected it can be moved up and down the frame for shorter/taller children.
The only shortfall of this product is I believe it is still relatively flimsy like the Navigator v1 double kit sunhood. It would be better if the material and framework held it in place 100%.
Overall though I am happy with the upgrade and it suits both my toddler and infants needs in the second seat!

Great sunshade


Clips on easily and does its job, its a great add on product

well worth it!


very happy with the hood. it protects the child in the back seat from the sun and keeps them cosy too. love it!

Wanted to love this


I really wanted to love this since I love my stroller so much but I feel like it fell short. It's kind of floppy and doesn't provide much shade. I use an extra blanket to shade my newborn


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