sport v2 parcel tray and footwell

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Replacement parcel tray (under basket) and footwell for your sport version 2 buggy. This parcel tray has domes and will only fit the v2 sport buggy. his parcel tray does not come with attachment screws and washers included.

This parcel tray and footwell can be replaced using a standard screwdriver.

*The sport parcel tray cannot be replaced with the fabric from any other model strollers.

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Revamped our buggy!


We got this to replace the one that had finally been worn out (already second hand when we got it and it has taken a battering around woods and mud for two years with us). The new footwell fits a treat and has meant for 25 quid the buggy is ready to go for a few more years yet. Well made. Decent price. Thanks phil and Ted. We love our buggy.

Sport v2 footwell


Essential part of the buggy, easy to fix, good price.

Sport buggy tray


Fits perfect, much easier than fixing the old one, hope P&T's continue to keep making these older products so we can keep using the prams!

Under buggy storage and foot rest


Great improvement- this has turned out shabby second hand buggy from literally scraping along the ground to looking really smart! Thanks

Can be made to fit E3 model (out of production)


Bought his to replace a very old and worn item on our E3 buggy, which is now long out of production. This item is the same basic dimensions and fits the frame perfectly, but I just needed to fit some poppers to attach it to the frame as the model this is designed to fit uses screws to affix it to the frame. You can buy these on eBay, along with a punch-like tool to fix them in place, or take it to a seamstress to do it for you. Very happy!

Phil and teds footwell


Sadly this doesn't fit my V2 the poppers are somehow back to front strange. Shame as I had put this on the order note that I was hoping it would fit my v2 ?

Exactly what I needed - delivered quickly!


Ordered a replacement basket for my Phil and teds sport.
Order processing was easy, delivery was quick and I received exactly what I needed.
Really pleased with the information available to help me determine exactly which pushchair I have too.

One small suggestion however, given the popularity of selling redundant pushchairs on to someone else, it may be worth continuing to stock replacement parts such as this.
Especially given the rate at which certain parts need replacing ie the foam handle bar surround.

Excellent service, just what I wanted.


Excellent, older model buggy excellent service ringing 1800 number

Bought for V.1


Bought this for Sport V1. It fits! Footwell a little smaller and side access a little tighter (we use both seats) than previous but otherwise great. Fairly simple to fit with bradawl (guide holes in fabric) and screwdriver.



I had to replace the under basket and I soo happy they still had this one for the sport v2!

exactly what we needed


Have been given the buggy by my eldest daughter, for my youngest daughter to use for her 2 children. The footwell tray was worn out, but the new replacement is perfect. Easy to fit, only had to take out 8 screws, slot the new tray in place, replace the screws, buggy is good as new. Thanks!

weak link in buggy


The basket is just fine. However, this is the second replacement basket we've bought for this buggy, and most second-hand ones also have torn baskets -- it's evidently a weak link in the buggy. To be fair, the buggy is discontinued, and maybe the new model is better. On the other hand, the baskets are now out of production, so when this one goes, we're out of luck. They're expensive, too. It would be helpful if the phil&teds web page said what the material was, as it might be possible (if not ideal) to patch it.

Sport gear tray and foot well


Excellent service, excellent product, a very pleasing price (for Grandad, daughter #3 asked if I could fix the buggy after a mishap). The buggy is now looking and working like new. Thank you.

Good product, cumbersome set up.


A well expected replacement, but setting it up was cumbersome as one has to screw about 10 screws through the fabric onto the frame.


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