vibe/verve double kit sunhood.

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Sunhood for your vibe or verve double kit. This sunhood is the older style clip on canopy and will only be compatible with vibe & verve strollers manufactured prior to 2014.

Not currently available in this region.

Great Shade and Great Customer Service


I bought this a month ago and it is what I've been needing for a long time. At first I couldn't get it to work, but Phil and Ted's actually called me on the phone and walked me through my issue. My kids are happy and so am I!

the worst!


what is the point of a sun hood that doesn't actually stay open? This was so poorly designed.

Only Okay


So first let me say, this sunhood fits nicely on my stroller, arrived in 10 business days and technically works. It does indeed keep the sun out of my toddlers eyes.

The bad news is pretty bad though. I specifically purchased a vibe so I could collapse it without removing the 2nd seat... I now get to remove this sunhood every time instead because it won't collapse with it on... This is honestly not that easy to do and now there are 801 steps to get my vibe collapsed instead of the normal 798. (Okay it's more like 20)

Also I have a complaint about the way it's made. It doesn't "hold itself" opened like the main seat sunhood. It has a solid structure front band but the other two are just loose so it's frankly a little floppy and doesn't look neat and tidy like the main sunhood which has solid structure in front AND back

All in all I'm disappointed. It's really not worth sending it back but I don't think it'll get used much because it's more trouble than it's worth.


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